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In a politically correct world, is Mahatma Gandhi the ideal 'Bapu'?

In a politically correct world, is Mahatma Gandhi the ideal ‘Bapu’?

In a politically correct world, money is the ultimate superpower. Take the example of Chef Atul Kochhar who had to retract his statements after he faced flak for his comments on Indian-born Pakistani actress Priyanka Chopra. Without hypocrisy there would be no humour. We are constantly reminded by the global media and most of our own media to maintain peace and harmony within the country. People are segmented on the basis of their reactions to the biased media bytes. If they accept major shortcomings (which in reality don’t exist) they are given the ‘liberal’ certificate. If silence is maintained, such people are termed as neutral and in case someone speaks up for his country, he is unabashedly Un-Hindu (if that term really exists), outrightly communal and a perpetual hate-monger.

Take the example of Bollywood. Most of the movie stars will never even say that Kashmir is an integral part of India. They will pray for Kashmir, cry for Kashmir, but will never take a stand. Even when perverts target young girls, there is selective criticism from the industry. It started with bowing to the British and it continued with the dominating dynasty of India, certain submissive souls have somehow accepted the idea that they’re okay with the domination of defective characters. We are currently at a stage when we can compete with the best in the world and beat them.

We have a great visionary leader at the centre, we have CEOs dominating major corporations across the globe, and we have the best army that’ll make sure that every enemy of this nation is given an opportunity to hold a one-to-one meeting with God. Indira Gandhi was undoubtedly the most dominating leader we ever had, but her dominance was about power and not about patriotism. We now have a leader who works first and then makes speeches. He can even connect with the poor like no other Indian leader. This comes from his early days, where he experienced abject poverty and battled his way through the ‘close-to-extinct’ systems of merit and competence.

Prior to 2014 even Google was biased. There were no jokes on the Gandhis. I wonder how the Nehru clan derived the Gandhi surname. Brilliant marketing concept! Pick the name that sells the most. As you read more about the treacherous party, you wouldn’t believe yourself at times. Why are they still taking 2 names? Mahatma Gandhi and Chacha Nehru. Nehru, for obvious reasons contributed immensely to the downfall of the nation. Gandhi? Because he still exists on the grand Indian currency.


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