6 Forms of Sexual Harassment: Do You Know How to Detect It If It’s Happening to You or One of Your Colleagues?

Sexual harassment is still a big concern in the workplace because of the prevalence and the impact it has on the victims. It can also be difficult to detect, especially by those who are not a part of what is happening. If you’re worried it might be happening in your …

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Resolving Misconceptions: 4 Indoor Fish Farming Myths That People Still Believe

Today’s consumers love to fish. With the global population rising and more people to feed every day, though, the world’s oceans and rivers will soon be hard-pressed to keep up. Thankfully, human ingenuity knows no bounds and fish farming has, in recent decades, become a fairly common practice. Despite how …

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Interesting Questions answered by the most competent Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

I, Dietitian Sharanjeet Kour Sodhi, Head Consultant Dietitian from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital’s Venture Reach Out want to share that We had our Symposium recently,in which we had panel discussions of several Department Heads from the hospital.So,sharing the Panel Discussion round from Gynaecology and Obstetrics Sciences. DOCTORS IN PANEL Dr.Chandra …

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