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From the Diary of an Ex-Congressman

From the Diary of an Ex-Congressman

The first word I ever uttered was ‘Chacha’ .

In a world where kids are used to the typical ‘mumma’ or ‘papa’, I proved my loyalty to the Nehru-Gandhi clan, the moment I entered this planet.

My sole purpose in life was to worship the Gandhis and get the desired results for my regular, reverence-filled prayers.

Since my father was also a Congressman I had no trouble in making my way into the party.

‘Nepotism rocks’, Karan Johar was damn right. But it’s not that easy. I had to perform better than my father at everything, most importantly: sycophancy! I never had to struggle for a day in my life, but at the Delhi Congress Headquarters, I was always struggling. There were people who were more skilled than me in licking asses. I figured it out, if I ever wanted to be the number 3 or 4 (since 2 members of the Gandhi family are always alive) I had to get better every day.

The family obviously was more important, but I had to also manage my own family. Apart from which the needs of the people had to also be taken care of (i.e. only when the people were in dire straits). I realized that the first family of India had complete stake over the nation. From Business to Media to Entertainment to the Opposition, they called the guns. So I tried and tried and tried.

The results shook me: Sometimes the people were not accepting me (where at least I could try again after a long wait of 5 years or less), sometimes the family was not happy with me (unpardonable sin). I finally decided in 2014 (after years of tried and tested failures in getting to the number 5 spot) to call it a day.

I was impressed with everything about the new Prime Minister. He had renounced family for the sake of the nation. And here was I, bowing to the same family for 50-odd years… A dynasty that had renounced nation for the sake of family. I couldn’t get into the PM’s party as my past weaknesses were still with the royal scions of tomorrow. I tried getting in touch with a few who opposed my ex-party’s views. But eventually, I figured out that my party never had many enemies at the centre.

JP shook the nation in the 70s and Modi is doing it now. JP brought about a revolution and Modi is no different. The forgetful, forgiving, ‘happy-with-a-little-corruption citizen’ helped my party regain power. The same could happen now as there are people within the current ruling party who are ideologically similar and familiar with the grand old party. Nothing unites like power, and if the people have a similar brain fade like in the 80s, who knows: the lust for power may overrule the love for development.


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