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Orthopedics in India with a Huge Disease Burden

Orthopedics in India with a Huge Disease Burden

With the advent of innovative technology and medical advancements, it has become easier and more successful to treat bone and joint diseases. Joint replacement surgery in India is a commonly practiced orthopedic procedure that has excellent clinical outcomes. However, orthopedic surgeons in India have to face a huge disease burden of injury, neoplastic, degenerative, metabolic, and infective conditions in various stages of natural history. They also face a new phase of disorder unknown in Western nations where the patient report late with untreated/ill-treated cases or following a missed diagnosis. In countries like India, the healthcare budget is limited; we have to work holistically not only in handling these cases but also in finding evidence-based resolutions to the cases in various stages of the natural history of the disease.

According to Dr. Ashish Singh, orthopedic education and orthopedic services have to contribute to each other to improve the bone health of the nation. Each country should modify its medical training to the medical requirements specific to its citizens. Dr. Ashish Singh is a dexterous and meticulous surgeon and Medical Director and Head of the Arthroplasty Unit at the Anup Institute of Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation where he has performed thousands of complex orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Ashish Singh is a pioneer in East India to start navigation surgery namely computer Assisted Total hip and Knee Replacement. With a firm dedication to the field of orthopedic, he has a keen interest in pelvic acetabular trauma, primary complex revision knee replacement, and primary and complex hip arthroplasty.

According to the surgeon, a poor surgeon–patient ratio is a great reason for worry for the Indian context. The surgeons are concentrated in urban and big metropolises. The orthopedic surgeon population ratio gets worse in rural India which inhabits 72% of the total population. The vision of Dr. Ashish Singh is to provide affordable orthopedic services to the masses. Not only about orthopedics, but Dr. Ashish Singh is equally concerned about the poorer section of society. He established an Arthoplasty division at Patna where patients can get treatment at affordable rates to fulfill his vision – to support economically challenged people with the best world-class service at their native place.

Dr. Ashish Singh admits that there is an absence of a minimum standard of orthopedic care and a huge variation in the quality of treatment for an identical clinical problem throughout the country. Therefore, he has progressively worked for Primary complex total hip arthroplasty in neglected anterior hip dislocation with comminuted pertrochanteric femur fracture. He has also added in the field of novel methods in the management of neglected acetabular fractures. Apart from these, Dr. Ashish Singh has a series of published articles in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British) Proceedings, Journal of Oncology and Publication in Asian Journal of Arthroplasty.

Dr. Ashish Singh is also concerned about orthopedic education in India, which is not tailored to our needs. As a result, the trained doctors are not able to deliver evidence-based treatment to the clinical problems unique to our land in available infrastructure. Being a faculty speaker of Ninewell Hospital, UK; Indian Arthroplasty Association, ISHKS, and Ranawat Orthopedic association, he ensures suitable training to a student in orthopedics with specific stress on critical emergency care of orthopedically injured, recognizing and identifying diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For the services rendered in the field of Orthopedics, Dr. Ashish Singh received many awards and honors, notably, Most Emerging Orthopedic Doctor of the Year – 2019 by Medgate Today, Eminent Orthopaedic surgeon Award – By Honorable Health Minister Shri Mangal Pandey, and awarded by Hon’ble heath Minister for Pioneer in Robotic & Navigation Arthroplasty Surgery in Bihar – October 2018.

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