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A boon to our film Industry: Varun Singh

A boon to our film Industry: Varun Singh

Directing of any work is the most important for its success or failure. Varun Singh is the name of one of the talented directors in our Indian Film Industry. Born in Kota, Rajasthan on 9th February 1980, Varun Singh is a very talented and versatile person. Varun Singh is also famous to give beautiful angles to the camera. He shoots with perfect angles. Varun Singh has shot many beautiful short films, Ad films and documentary movies. He has also shot documentaries for national brands like Amway, Bikaji Foods, Shivani Tea, etc. He is well-known to relive a scene by unique techniques. He has directed many beautiful songs in Hindi, Haryanvi, and Rajasthani. These songs are getting millions of views on YouTube.

True Artists are born, cannot be made.

Are you in search of a perfect director and a perfect photographer? Then Varun Singh is the perfect mixture of both. He is well known for giving a new perfect angle to the scene. To give perfect direction is not everyone’s cup of tea. When we watch a movie, we never think of the efforts to make it happen. We use to recognize the faces, which are shown on screen, but we use to forget about the real face behind the movie. Directors like Varun Singh set an example for the youth as a director as well as a camera director. In this way, Varun Singh is an all-rounder person for our film industry.

Directing of Varun Singh is like a boon to our film industry.

A camera director gives his 100% to relive the scene and give it a very beautiful angle that one gets impressed by watching it. Just think of a flower in your hand. Give it a shot. Will it look as beautiful as it in reality? In my opinion, your answer will be a big ‘No’. A camera director gives such a beautiful angle to the scene that looks more beautiful than reality. It is well said for a photographer like Varun Singh…

You don’t shoot a scene, you actually make it.

A good director of photography should have all the above stated qualities. Varun Singh, the director of photography, has all these qualities. We can see his talent from his work in different documentaries. He has proved his talent in the documentaries of many huge companies like Amway and Bikaji Foods. His talent can be seen in the songs directed by him. These songs are already getting hits on YouTube. There are hundreds of videos being uploaded daily. It becomes very difficult to get success in this competitive era. If you get hundreds of views on the video, then you are lucky. Here songs directed by Varun Singh get more than a million views. This shows the ability of Varun Singh to shoot and direct perfectly. Technical skill is required to handle camera and shoot a scene perfectly. Varun Singh keeps his knowledge updated according to latest technology in photography. This is the most difficult aspect in shooting field, says Varun Singh.

Now, Varun Singh is thinking of taking a step forward to make and shoot big budget films. It will require more dedication and skill. Lets wish a good luck for Varun Singh for his brighter future.


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