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Vaibhav Nagare is wreaking havoc again with his dance floor heater Senapati!

Vaibhav Nagare is wreaking havoc again with his dance floor heater Senapati!

Hailing from Pune, Vaibhav Nagare is an Eminent Music Producer, a creative DJ, and a Software Engineer who has positioned himself as a dominant force within the dance music industry in recent years with a catalog of a wide range of peak-time anthems and radio-ready tunes. Releasing 5 tracks so far, and a couple of more to come, he has made 2021 of his own. With each one just as magnificent as the last, we know we are in for a treat when he appears on our new music feeds. Thinking out of the box, he has showcased passion to produce various genres, covering the broad spectrum of electronic music bringing out creative and energetic anthems.

We are thrilled with the phenomenal songs he has released which have got support from trendsetter labels like Zee Music Company, Tribal Trap, and many more! So it’s no surprise that Vaibhav Nagare is quickly making headlines with his music and reaching out to a broader audience. Each song being showcased by a revolving list of labels further proves he deserves to be placed in a division all his own.

He has steadily been gaining the attention of the biggest hitters across electronic music, including DJ BL3ND, Exodus signing his songs to their imprints refusing to get stuck in the usual cliches of the EDM genre. Thanks to his boundary-pushing songs influenced by Ethnic elements, he has earned support from renowned artists across the globe. Taking things to the next level, setting himself apart from a bunch of music producers, he posted a 3D music video for his song Bramhastra that was released on Tribal Trap that got supported by several YouTube Channels crossing more than 35k+ views collectively.

He kicked off the year with the hard-hitting single ‘Senapati’ released on the international record label ‘Digital-Empire records’. With Senapati ‘Vaibhav Nagare’ is wreaking havoc again. It is a festival anthem showcasing a unique combination of ethnic Indian/ Middle eastern breakdown with an aggressive buildup & plenty of hard-hitting kicks, striking synths in the energetic drop that rips through flesh and bone. ‘Senapati’ has gained a massive 13K organic streams on Spotify and has been placed at #49 on Beatport Bigroom Top 100 Worldwide List alongside the renowned artists.

Talking about the inspiration behind the compositions Vaibhav Nagare mentioned “Fusion of electronic sounds with ethnic elements is one of the song ideas that’s always has been in my mind for a long time”. Showing no signs of slowing down in terms of quantity or quality, we are excited for his new dance track named “Desi Tadka” and collaboration with a vocalist from Los Angeles that would be released soon. Stay updated and follow him on @officialnagarevaibhav!


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