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New Shade of Relationships With Sukh Dukkha Sari, Starring Poonam Shende & Sara Palekar

New Shade of Relationships With Sukh Dukkha Sari, Starring Poonam Shende & Sara Palekar

Ganesh festival is a time for celebration, happiness and oozing enthusiasm. This Ganesh festival Producers Shrinivas Kulkarni and Madhusudan Kulkarni are going to present a sweetest song to audience titled – ‘Sukh Dukkha Sari’ starring Poonam Shende and Sara Palekar.

Sukh Dukkha Sari is a song based on Lord Ganesha and Ganpati festival starring popular producer Poonam Shende and child artist Sara Palekar as mother and daughter. It’s a fresh pair. Poonam Shende is a famous producer and has produced many films like Bus Stop, Jaundyana Balasaheb, Swami Public ltd., Matter and she is debuting as an actress with this song. Sara Palekar is a child artist and she is a famous social media influencer. She has a huge fan following on Instagram and her reels get a huge engagement in millions as views, comments, likes, shares. It’s her debut song as an actress and she has faced the real camera for the 1st time.

The song is sung by famous singer Aanandi Joshi and is penned by Akshay Sant. The music is beautifully composed by Swapnil Sawant and Jeevan Marathe and music arrangement is done by Satyajit Kelkar. Creative head for this song is Amol Ghodke, and Vaibhav Lamture has worked as a production head. The song is directed by Yogesh Tawar and camera and cinematography is done by Rahul Jhende, still photography is done by Pranav Singh. Costumes are done by Nakshatra Vineet and Make-up is done by Triveni Petkar. Art direction is done by Ganesh Panchal. This song is shot at Kasat wada and the marketing consultant for this song is Sumeet Jindal.

Children are very excited in Ganesh festival. They love the whole process and journey of this whole festival right from decorations to the immersions, they love to be a part of every little thing; this song speaks about that beautiful emotion. It shows the strong bonding and a beautiful relation of a mother and daughter and how they prepare for this special festival together.

While sharing the experience of the song Poonam Shende said –“I am very happy that this song has been shot at the beautiful pleasant location like Kasat wada. Even though Sara is a child actress and it’s her debut project she has the spark. There was a scene where she had to wear a Saree and a nose pin. While shooting her nose pin fell but without getting distracted Sara completed the shot and picked her nose pin up only after the scene was finished. Many experienced actresses fail to do that but Sara was very focused on her scene. She did all the scenes very beautifully and as directed. I am happy to share the screen with her and I am very happy to work with our team as it has been a wonderful experience and I’m very excited about the song. I am sure audience will love it.”

Sara’s mother shared the experience and said – “It’s Sara’s first song. She has never faced the real camera before. Her Instagram reels are very popular but we always shot it on mobile camera. She recently received an award as well as an influencer. She loved shooting for this song and she faced the camera really well. She is very happy and excited about it.”

Producer Shrinivas Kulkarni said – “Ganesh festival is one of the most important festivals of India and in this festival, we are bringing you a beautiful song showing the gentle yet strong relationship of a mother and daughter. It’s a song from a play named Gajanana, so the length of this song is very short. It was a skill to show a whole story in a minute long song but our director Yogesh Tawar and cameraman Rahul Jhende and team managed to do it very beautifully and portrayed a beautiful screenplay. We have enjoyed making this song and even editing was fun and I’m sure audience will also love this song. this Ganesh festival is surely going to be special.”


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