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Swami Priyamji, The one who motivates youngsters in many ways

Swami Priyamji, The one who motivates youngsters in many ways

We all know of the various Swamiji’s of India. But Priyam Swamiji is a fearless one who He believes in following and believing in the passion of worshipping his religion unconditionally. For Swamiji, his religion is Veda. For thorough research and study of Veda, he took sannyasa from all the materialistic values of life at the age of 7 and dedicated his life to Veda.

Swami Priyam Ji hails from Buxar, Bihar and is promising as he inspires the youth to follow the passion, whatever that could be. He follows the study and research of Veda. There were 1000 Vedas branch in the history of Indian Culture, and now left with only three. He believes what you believe in, what you dream of, will happen, and you are the creator of the journey you always wanted to create.

He follows Samveda. The Veda that is not studied but sing. The Veda that brings in music in people’s life. Moreover, to rebuild the image of Vedas in youngsters, he has been putting in efforts while promoting the importance of Veda to the young lot of the country.

He Believes, “ Following Veda and Vedic life can bring in some drastic life changes that we as a human being badly need it, be it physical, mental, or emotional.”

Moreover, due to his dedication and in-depth study of Vedas and knowledge, many government and senior authorities support Swamiji to spread its awareness. He was recently sent to Kashmir to talk about the importance of the Vedas.

Swamiji also is an active part of the Indian army and perfumes the Shanti Yagna for soldiers and their family’s well-being.

Swami Priyam Ji is also fond of travelling for his passion. When one explores more online about the Swamiji, one will know how he is passionate about his love for worshipping the Vedas and Shiva. He is also following the Shravan Maas religiously with the right kind of puja to be done at this time. He is a personality seen on his social media profiles with influential individuals of various industries like entertainment, Bollywood, politics and more.

Swamiji is all about what you believe you should practice, and that helps attract more youth to him not just online but offline too. His power in worship is everything, making him a famous and a powerful resource of the country.

May, like Swamiji Priyam, we all can follow what we believe in.


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