Have you ever encountered someone who wears sweat as an accessory? Is there anyone who prefers a more intensive workout to a treadmill walk? Do you want to go to the gym with someone or go out dancing with someone? Well, it all relies on your passion and how you share a similar interest with others.

It’s time for you to prove that you’re the ideal match for someone who shares your passion and experiences in life to the fullest on Samphion.

Samphion has made a variety of possibilities available to individuals in a unique way, such as attending dance classes together or simply going for a morning jog making it an exciting experience for both regular and new users.

Samphion not only offers 16 different health and lifestyle categories to pick from, but they have also designed an entirely new user experience. For example, if a user likes someone’s profile and sends a like, the other end responds with a like, and the two get connected and begin interacting. If one person sends a like and the other sends a super like, the two users form a samphie, and once linked, they begin to communicate. Not only that, but a user’s profile can be tailored to their own interests and this allows them to attract more attention.

Another crucial factor that Samphion examines when deciding whether or not to download it is the importance it places on people’s privacy. For example, the app rewards users who follow the program’s safety guidelines, prohibits users from taking screenshots, and takes appropriate action when necessary. If users utilise their phone numbers, it allows them to validate their account under two tags: Verified and Samphionister.

With the idea of Interest Based Dating, Samphion is ushering in a new era in the dating industry. Within two months of its introduction, Samphion had surpassed 10,000 users, not only that, but on a weekly basis, it also onboards over 2500 users.

These are a few major aspects that set Samphion apart from the competition in the market. Samphion’s utilisation of allowing users to connect with people who share similar interests has not only set them apart from the competition, but it has also attracted more users and opened up a wider scope in the dating app for individuals in the near future.

It’s time for you to become familiar with the new definition of a dating app and take advantage of the services and features it offers to its users.

Now is the time to get the app.


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