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Meet Hardik Gothi, the next-gen entrepreneur with a vision to change the real-estate and infra space!

Hardik Nitin Gothi, an entrepreneur from Mumbai having a 12 years’ experience in the real estate and infrastructure sector, has created a revolutionary online platform – “YUZUH” for trading of building and construction materials.

Hardik Gothi has pursued his BMS, MCOM and MBA from Welingkar College, Mumbai. He has created this unique business model that will disrupt the traditional functioning of the markets. Hardik is an experienced player in the real estate market having built over 40 projects across the city as an EPC construction company.

The YUZUH website was recently launched by Niranjan Hiranandani, Chairman and MD of Hiranandani Group. On this occasion, Hiranandani praised the efforts of Mr.Gothi and said, “during Covid-19 time, we all learned how to work online. Now we have to accept the online working culture as the new normal. This app will bring developers, suppliers, contractors and all stakeholders on one platform and will make it possible to buy good quality materials at affordable prices. This will also help to fulfil the dream of Housing for all and Make in India of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. I congratulate the team and my best wishes for them.”

Hardik Gothi says his forte is to think out of the box and create disruptive business models. He excels in Strategy, Finance, Sales and Marketing. Over the years he has developed a knack of breaking barriers and moving ahead of time. With his calm and humble personality, he has created a strong environment for conducive business, strong teams, and system driven businesses that generate maximum profits and long term sustainability.

Like Hardik, his new venture, Yuzuh is also growth oriented, profit driven, scalable, and a game changer as it is engaging all stakeholders of this complex business on a single platform. Covid has made the real estate sector realize a strong need for a tech driven platform to look at the supply chain needs and gaps in the real estate and infrastructure sector.

Tech is the need of the hour as the existing businesses in the market run predominantly in an old-fashioned way and need significant change. Supply chain needs automation so that it can become seamless at just a click of a button. This pinpoint triggered Mr. Gothi to create a platform like YUZUH during the pandemic. Himself and his co-founders, Mrs. Priyanka Shah and Mr. Zuhaib M have created a platform wherein the distributor would be able to avail maximum profits and advantages which will ultimately benefit the end user.

When asked by us — “What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?” Hardik Gothi says he always had a tooth for innovation. He says that he was brought up in such a progressive and conducive environment since childhood. Ambition, a thriving spirit, honesty, clarity, integrity are basic qualities to become an entrepreneur. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is his inspiration to create Yuzuh. Hardik Gothi says he has always focused on creating business and was never satisfied to work in an 11-8 job.

Gothi is planning to secure a pre-seed funding round with a size of around 3.5 million. He wants to build this business ground up, make it sustainable with a solid team in place to handle challenges in the current business environment, while envisioning a robust system that will create more opportunities across geographies. Hardik says “the ecosystem which we are building is going to be the next Amazon for the B2B world. If anyone is thinking into the future and wants to invest in a tech platform we are their best bet”.

Hardik Gothi has been incorporating a technology which is way ahead its time in the construction business as well. Before 12 years, only a few of the contractors used H beam formwork, but now everybody in this business is using it. We have now started using a new formwork which is even more advanced than MIVAN and replaceable across buildings without the need of fabricating or forging new shuttering like aluminum formwork technology. “Technology adaptation and understanding of new innovative ideas in construction is very important, and the actual implementation is the next big step for us,” says Gothi.

Below are some questions asked by us during our interview with the entrepreneur.

1. Do you wish to work in and around Maharashtra or India and perhaps abroad?

With our construction business, we are only working in and around Maharashtra. But with our online platform, we wish to expand to various cities across India and abroad to make it a global Platform.

2. How will Yuzuh benefit the Distributors and the other stakeholders in the real estate and infrastructure sector? How do you view competition for Yuzuh?’

Yuzuh as a platform will empower the distributor to expand and multiply their businesses and also provide them with the services which will reduce their overhead costs. The distributors become our Yu-partner. The distributor will pass on the benefits of price, quality, delivery and service to the end user. The manufacturer will also have a larger order base due to the expansion of the distributors. In simple words, each stakeholder in the supply chain will be benefitted and have a great advantage. Competition for me is a way to improve and better myself at every stage. No doubt, there will be competition along the way, but the market potential is too huge for any worry.

3. How do you plan to make a change in society through your ideas and projects?

The prime minister’s dream of housing for all is a big and ambitious dream. It needs players like us having a broader vision towards the economies of scale, sustainability and also have a socio- profit based mindset to grow. Yuzuh has these determinant qualities required to create a social environment through their YU-Partner model. Moreover, I feel these factors have largely created big Business houses like the TATAS, Reliance, Infosys etc. We believe this mindset is our genesis and will define our growth pattern going forward.

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