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How MergerDomo is assisting SMEs and Startups to Succeed?

How MergerDomo is assisting SMEs and Startups to Succeed?

Nobody imagined 2020 would be the way it was. Many global concerns existed even before we were tragically hit by the pandemic. A drop in business registrations, the decline in opportunities, and compressed multiples restricting successful exits were a few of the many problems. Along with a missing generation of new firms, there were critical economic outcomes, mainly employment.

Startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs are the catalysts to radical innovation and the chief drivers of economic growth. During the pandemic, they have continued to play a crucial role in the economy as they have adapted with flexibility and speed to ensure digital work. COVID-19 is creating a new norm for all of us, and digitalization is solidifying its presence in the B2B, B2C, D2C, B2G space. Revenue has been affected by the containment measures and the decline in demand due to the pandemic. As a result, startups have become even more fragile financially. HR, market access, logistics, scale require consistent and immediate support vital for their survival amidst these times.

MergerDomo – an Online Global Technology based Investment Banking Marketplace, attempts to help unearth investment opportunities and bring players of the Investment Banking industry together. They are an aggregated team of analysts and advisors committed to delivering transformational solutions by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling markets to improve operational efficiency, innovate growth strategies, and build customer engagement.

MergerDomo has been founded by Hormazd Charna, a career Investment Banker who quit the corporate world in 2018. Talking about the value addition that MergerDomo as a platform wants to make, Hormazd said, “The vision is to help and facilitate SME and Startups to realize their full potential when it comes to their growth needs, be it strategic (equity) funding, consulting services, GTM, mentorship, JVs, M&As or even complete business strategy overhauls through our impaneled network of Investment Bankers/Consultants. Our mission is to help SMEs based out of TierI/II/III cities to connect with Domestic/International investors/consultants at a click thanks to our proprietary algorithm based online portal.”

MergerDomo is a facilitator for deal sourcing and consulting that matches your requirements through curation with its backend algorithm, speed, and accuracy. Access to such a competent network available at your fingertips creates an immediate value for all stakeholders. They also have come out with their proprietary product QSAAT – Quick Startup Algo based Assessment Tool that will help startups get their personalised investment readiness report. This acts like a mirror for the entrepreneur for his business models and how the investor gauges his startup before funding. They are continuing to add more value-added products.

MergerDomo has been working closely with various Industry bodies both on the SME as well as Startup Side to guide their members for their organic/inorganic growth journeys. On the SME side, their focus is currently on Auto/EV, Pharma & Healthcare, ESDM, Retail & Consumer and Renewables, while on the startup side we work closely on new age technology areas.

India is a highly competitive market with multiple players wanting the piece of the same pie. Differentiation is the key – scale, cost benefit, quick turnaround, personalised customer service along with curated universe makes it a go to platform.

With the exciting promise of personalization, MergerDomo has evolved with the advancements of technology. Data and analytics have helped them to create a more accurate personal and human experience across all stages. The digitization of physical platforms and scaled empathy has triggered the growth of their markets.

Inspite of India having the second largest number of startups, 9 out of 10 startups fail in their initial five years of inception due to inexperienced leadership, lack of adequate mentoring, poor business ethics, and lack of funds. In the last 12 months India has registered over 2 Lakh new companies and we see only a handful of them see the light on the other side. Ecosystem marketplaces and tech-based platforms are the need of the hour allowing SMEs/Startups to focus on their core business yet getting high quality and otherwise usually inaccessible counter-parties be it for M&As/Investments/JVs/Technology.


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