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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Shehzad Poonawalla Strips Rahul Gandhi NAKED with his Explosive Insider Account.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Shehzad Poonawalla Strips Rahul Gandhi NAKED with his Explosive Insider Account.

Postman News had a great opportunity to engage with Shehzad Poonawalla, a well known youth activist and former Congress party member, who has now quit the party over his strong principles against Dynasty Politics. Read the most explosive account of the internal functioning of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party, straight from an insider.

You have been an active loyalist for Congress Party. Dynasty somehow always existed in the Congress Party. Why you haven’t raised your voice against it earlier ?

I raised it internally several times from many years – in fact the main reason i was denied an opportunity to meet Rahul because his team knew I wanted to take this issue up. Also Rahul Gandhi every few years gave assurances that he would reform the party- I was naive but believed he would try. When he himself rigged the 2017 December polls for INC president through state Presidents I was assured he would never change the party system and hence I entered the Mahabharata against this injustice in a big way.

The way Congress has disowned you and the way leaders have behaved after your revolt, have you expected this ? Would you agree that the congress is just like a private limited company where there is no space for disagreement?

Well leaders like Manish Tewari had warned me – this is a family proprietorship and speaking against it is a “one way ticket out of the party” – I was prepared for this but it does get difficult. They call up news channels and blackmail them against giving my voice a space. They have engaged 30-40 people or accounts on twitter to just troll me and abuse my family and my religion! See they cant co opt me into this unjust system like they co opted other leaders- so they plan to isolate and May be even eliminate me. But I am determined like the Pandavas to demolish the dynastic Kauravas.

There were rumours that you was reading a BJP’s written script. Do you have any plans to join BJP in near future ?

By that logic are Yashwant Sinha, Shatrughan sinha and Shourie working on Congress’ script? Why does Congress celebrate them? I have only one plan – Dynasty Mukt Congress.. I am in Team India and I work on the ishara of 130 crore Indians

I hope you have met Mr. Rahul Gandhi at least couple of times. The way he becomes suddenly active on Social Media and started visiting temples. Do you think new AVATAR of Rahul Gandhi matched with his real personality. Or it is just a political gimmick ?

I met him once at Nirav Modi’s cocktail party in September 2013 and once in my brother’s wedding. I was at the same hotel Imperial for another function when he came to meet Nirav Modi in Sept 2013. Anyway, Rahul Gandhi is very different in real life and what he presents. He loves hanging out at Khan market restaurants and is a party animal who likes vacations and going out. He is hardly a political animal. He did not even know what NCC is. He is doing politics because its been forced upon him and he thinks its his birth right to be PM! He doesn’t want to work hard for it and likes spending time doing other things. People like Himanta Biswa Sarma have explained this.

Congress has been in power directly or indirectly for over 60 years. Do you think Congress is using individuals/institutions for creating propaganda against Modi government. For example: Press Conference by four judges, Award Wapsi Gang, etc.

I have written in detail about it. Divide and rule in the name of caste , religion and regionalism is a plank that Rahul will not mind using. In Karnataka they are dividing Hindus and Lingayats. In Gujarat they orchestrated Patel aandolan through Hardik. In Maharashtra they backed Jignesh and Umar Khalid on Bhima Koregaon to split Marathas and Dalits

What are your views on the recent news of the alleged data theft by Cambridge Analytica for the Congress party?’

I was the first one to expose links of CA and their Indian face Ovleno with Cong. My information is that CEO Alexander nix met top leaders in 2017 and it was decided that ₹500cr would be paid through front companies. Even Cristopher Wylie has admitted that Congress was a client of CA. Surjewala should clarify which services were used. Isn’t this a threat to national security and violation of election laws?

Do you support the view that Congress has always played vote bank politics and politics of appeasement for being in power?

Congress of Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi was different and Congress of Rahul Gandhi is different.

What do you think of the policies related to the minorities of Modi Government? Do you think they are working for the minorities with positive spirits or they are biased.

I guess one will have to take an objective view by seeing how Modi govt performs in elections especially where minority voters are located. If they are winning states in North East or states likeUP with huge minority populations surely those voters believe in the outreach of Modi govt towards minorities. I go by election results and not my own subjective assessment.

As you know , Mr. Kumar Ketkar, very famous left-liberal Congress supporter who has defended Gandhi family on many occasions, was given Rajya Sabha seat. It raises two questions-first, is it a reward for the services rendered by him indirectly.

Many people are drawing that conclusion and I always knew Kumar ji was close to Congress. He trained us in September 2013 as a closed door spokesperson training program in Delhi. Even Surjewala had attended that program.

Second, Do you think there are many more Kumar Ketkar who are supporting political parties indirectly, while wearing the cap of independent or neutral journalists in media?

Absolutely- isn’t it evident? Some journalists and channels are more loyal to Rahul Gandhi and his family than even congress leaders. They drop me on the instructions of Cong media cell. Would independent channels do it?

Do you believe that Rahul Gandhi led Congress can defeat BJP led by PM Modi? Can Rahul Gandhi be the face of united Opposition against PM Modi?

Well he was the face in 2014 and contested against Modi led BJP. Results are before you. BJP got highest ever tally and congress got lowest ever. Do I add more?

12. What are your plans for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections? Are you planning to contest? and if yes from where?

Dyansty Mukt Congress is my only goal from now on.

You are quite young in politics. What is your message to young aspirants who are willing to join politics but don’t know how to move ahead?

Never give up and always believe in your merit and talent. Never compromise. If you have talent and determination you will over come the most undeserving dynasts and feudal politicians eventually and people will support you.


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