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Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai
Namrata Khatri, an artist reviving the glory of Meerabai.

Meet Namrata Khatri – a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai

Postman News presents interaction with well known artist Namrata Khatri. In her short span of time, her achievements in career are outstanding. She has been awarded for her work, throughout her career with awards like National Gold Medal Award in Agnipath Unity of Diversity, Best Artist Award for Natraj Art Zone Rewari, All India Online Art Competition and many more.

Mirabai has been very close to her heart. Main theme of her painting is Mirabai. She has done numerous painting on Mirabai’s life. When we asked about her attachment with Mirabai, she replied, “Because of her selfless devotion to Lord Krishna. She knew that she could never have Shri Krishna as her husband but she still prayed to him with all her heart. This love is what touched my heart and I decided to make her subject of my painting.”

We had a detailed interaction with her, the same is provided here for the pleasure of reading of our readers. We have attached some of her great work and paintings too.

What is ART for you? How did it all start?
Art is very precious to me. From the very beginning I was drawn into it. Whenever I start painting I lose track of time. It is as if everything goes blank. If I could recall properly it all started when I was in 2nd class. From then I did not looked back.

How have you developed your career?
I first used to paint on my own. But later I started to seriously pursue my passion. So I did a diploma in arts for 2 years. Then I did my BFA. Now I am currently pursuing MFA.

Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai
Moksha Duwar

What is your favourite colour and is there any particular reason for it?

My favourite colour is red. I like red because it is very vibrant. It just pops out among the rest of the colours.

How is your personality reflected in your work?
I am a very simple girl with great passion for our country’s history and devotion to gods. Therefore I wanted to choose Mirabai as my subject of painting. A lot of things could be understood of India’s culture through Mirabai. I can also somehow relate Mirabai to my own life.

Which artist or painter has influenced you?
The artist that influenced me the most is my teacher, Roop Chand. I really appreciate his work. Under his guidance I have learnt a lot.

Is there a work of art you would like to have in your home next to your own work?
Not at this point in my life. I like other artist work but at this time I don’t think I could choose any particular painting.


Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai

What do you think are some of the most inspiring things happening in …. currently?

The most inspiring things happening now is that art is started to make its place in India’s education system. Now there is a greater awareness about art that it used to be. There are many art fairs organised now which has brought curiosity among the masses.

How do you overcome creative blocks? Every artist at some point encounters creative block.
It is natural to have creative blocks. We all can’t be creative all the time. I overcome creative block by doing something else. Like listening to music or watching movies. Just anything that takes my mind off the work that I am doing. After enjoying myself and relaxing my mind I could see my creative block in a new manner. It just totally changes my perspective and I had towards my creative self again.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
I see myself after 5 years as a professional artist with lots of paintings exhibited all over India. I also see myself as an art teacher, teaching kids the value of life through art.

One of your biggest weakness and how you overcame it?
My biggest weakness is drawing. I really had problems in drawing. My painting is very good but drawing is not up to the mark. That was a very sore weakness in my art. I overcome by doing regular practice. I did drawing from life. That was the greatest game changer in my life. It dramatically improved my drawings.

Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai
Peace Ambassador

How do you start a work — do you have any rituals?

I start my work by first getting all the references related to my paintings. Then I do a few rough sketches. I finalised the one that I like the most. After that I do a basic sketch on the canvas. The with paints I do a basic block in. After that I see if everything is looking good or not. I see the proportions, colours, is everything working well together. If everything is okay then I start my painting.

Do you think that today ART is under-appreciated?
Art is definitely under appreciated. Many parents think that art is a time waste, there is no career to it. All they want is that their child do a 9 to 5 job and that’s it. They don’t care if their child likes it or not. They don’t see their child’s true potential.

What is the best way to exhibit a painting?
Today the best way to exhibit paintings is online. It is very cheap and everyone could afford it. The whole world could see your paintings. You also get a lots of feedback about your paintings which truly helps you grow as an artist.

Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai

How do you price your work?

I price my work depending on lots of factors. Like the medium of colour, the size of canvas, the hours it took to paint, the frame of the painting and how much I appreciated the work.

What was this one point when you realized that this (art) is where you belong?
I used to paint as a hobby. But after completing my BCA, I thought something was missing. There was this emptiness in my heart. I wanted to do something creative and not the same thing for my rest of my life. That is when I decided I wanted to do something in the field of art. That is when I first joined my diploma course in art and the never looked back.

A lot of parents are reluctant to accept the fact that their children are choosing an unconventional career choice? Anything that you would like to tell them?
Yes, I would like to say something to parents who are reluctant to accept that their children are choosing unconventional career choices. It is the child’s life, let them live as they like. Even if they don’t make lots of money but they would be really happy with their lives. So stop complaining and comparing your child with other children. Let your child make his own identity and support them with all your heart.


Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai
Mann Basiya

Were your parents okay with the fact that you will not be an engineer/MBBS/Doctor?

My parents at first were not that happy that I am not an engineer or doctor. But I showed them that I belong to art, and later they started to understand as well and even encouraged me to do higher studies in art.

Do you see yourself as trying out new mediums/forms of art in your near future?
Yes, I am always ready to use new mediums or new forms of art in future. I would use anything for arts.

Is there a future for painting or you are one of the last survivors?
There is future for painting. As the appreciation of art is increasing in the people and more and more people are understanding the importance of art in everyday life. I think there is a bright future of painting.

Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai
Hari Rang Raachi


If you were about to be reborn, what would you like to be — still an Artist?
If I am reborn, I would still like to be an artist and continue my work.

A lot of artists have come up lately, specially the younger generation! Any particular message to them?
Yeah, a lot of artist have come up lately. I would like to give them one message and that is to never give up on painting even when you can’t paint as good as others. The more mistakes you make in painting the more you will learn.


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