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Meet Namrata Khatri - a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai
Namrata Khatri, an artist reviving the glory of Meerabai.

Meet Namrata Khatri – a born artist, reviving the glory of Meerabai

Postman News presents interaction with well known artist Namrata Khatri. In her short span of time, her achievements in career are outstanding. She has been awarded for her work, throughout her career with awards like National Gold Medal Award in Agnipath Unity of Diversity, Best Artist Award for Natraj Art Zone Rewari, All India Online Art Competition and many more.

Mirabai has been very close to her heart. Main theme of her painting is Mirabai. She has done numerous painting on Mirabai’s life. When we asked about her attachment with Mirabai, she replied, “Because of her selfless devotion to Lord Krishna. She knew that she could never have Shri Krishna as her husband but she still prayed to him with all her heart. This love is what touched my heart and I decided to make her subject of my painting.”

We had a detailed interaction with her, the same is provided here for the pleasure of reading of our readers. We have attached some of her great work and paintings too.

What is ART for you? How did it all start?
Art is very precious to me. From the very beginning I was drawn into it. Whenever I start painting I lose track of time. It is as if everything goes blank. If I could recall properly it all started when I was in 2nd class. From then I did not looked back.

How have you developed your career?
I first used to paint on my own. But later I started to seriously pursue my passion. So I did a diploma in arts for 2 years. Then I did my BFA. Now I am currently pursuing MFA.


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