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Dr. Manmohan Singh, India stands by Modi while You Stand with the Corrupt.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, India stands by Modi while You Stand with the Corrupt.

Ex-PM Manmohan Singh recently wrote a letter to the President, targeting the Prime Minister. Singh accused PM Modi of bringing down the level of political discourse during the Karnataka election campaign. Mr. Singh needs to be reminded that PM Modi has never used any offensive word against his political opponents over the years (even when he was Gujarat CM).

Singh who was disrespected by his own cabinet, cannot even claim to be honest. He shielded the corrupt, happily signed whatever his madam asked him to & let down the faith of the common Indian citizen. His signatures cost the national exchequer heavily. He never had the gumption to oppose the wrong and today, when our Prime Minister is making us proud all over the globe, Mr. Singh’s envy doesn’t allow him to accept the fact.

Sycophancy is a disease in Indian polity. People often use this trait to rise the echelons & in some cases ditch their own masters. But Mr. Singh always had this ‘ability’ of staying loyal to his party president. While most of the Congress leaders pretend to be hardcore loyalists, in reality they’re not. Singh was the only man trusted by Sonia Gandhi & he never failed her.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley made a huge mistake when he called Manmohan Singh ‘honest’. No Honest politician would ever put one family above the nation. The truth is that when democratic values are lost, power becomes absolute. And, anything in its entirety can be detrimental to society. I doubt if the young citizens of the country have any regard left for Manmohan Singh.

What the crooks in the media & politics, have done for ages is to misguide the common man. Anyone & everyone can be criticized, but looking for a religious angle in every sensible statement is highly deplorable. PM Modi has selflessly served the nation all his life & when someone makes a personal attack on him, they’re insulting the country.

We need to stand up for what’s right. When one man can work ceaselessly for us, can’t we even stand for him when he is a subject to personal abuse? Being termed as a ‘Bhakt’ is much better than being a broker. Loyalty is a two-way street and when the top priority is the nation, dynasties don’t matter.


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