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Yashvardhan Sharma - a life-changer, creating a new trend on Youtube

Yashvardhan Sharma – a life-changer, creating a new trend on Youtube

The life of a YouTuber, is exciting but at the same time full of struggles and hard work. The pressure of getting likes, getting subscribers and maintaining a smile on their faces is a hard job to do.

Mr Yashvardhan Sharma thought of taking this challenge with a smile on his face and become one the well known Youtuber. His motive to produce original content and to make people realise how different every individual in this big world is has finally come true. His subscribers always cherish him as one of his own.

Mr. Sharma mostly known as the Youtuber who doesn’t shy off from bringing forward the true imagine of things in front of world. He believes in showing the true colours the world posses are both bright or dark. This thought of his has attracted many people to his channel. The major fact being the truth of showing the true imagine in front instead of showing the unreal world to people. Mr Sharma believes that if the true image of anything is not shown today it may attract some views but later when the truth is revealed it will lead to a very dirty image which will never be removed no matter what is done.

Mr. Sharma being a very intelligent boy from a very young age had dreams of exploring the world and get to know it internally rather than on the surface. He says that the world and its people are very beautiful inside out and it has many things to show we just need the eye to be able to see it. He uses YouTube as a medium to show people what they are missing out on in this world.

YouTube not only helps his showcase his talents of producing and recording original content to the world without any extra added colours to it, it also helps him add some money to his pocket which in turns is used in producing more videos for his subscribers.

“The joy of YouTube is that you can create content about anything you passionate about, however silly the subject matter.” – Zoe Sugg.

Thinking about this quote Mr Sharma become more determined than ever to present what his thoughts where without caring about that what others thought as he trusts that the truth will be revealed today or tomorrow. Through his original contents and consistent hard work he has proved that he deserves to be where he is right now.

In spite of all the hate and bad comments he got from the audience he never gave up or changed his thoughts on what he thought was right. In this journey to where he is today his family and friends has always proved to be the one who cherishes him the most in spite of all the inexpert comments he received. He trusts that the main reasons he never gave up was his family and true friend’s support which never left his side and was there for him at the times when he knew he himself would leave his side. Today those people are praising him and want to be is friend who hated him and envied him yesterday.

Mr. Sharma is a YouTuber, blogger and a digital marketing expert. He states that along with YouTube, his blog ‘Viral Dunia’ and his profession as a digital marketing expert has shaped him into the person he is today. He states that all the struggles he has gone through has made him a stronger person than he was yesterday and each day he is growing as an individual to become the man he always wanted to.


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