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In Conversation with India’s leading female DJ, DJ SWAY

In Conversation with India’s leading female DJ, DJ SWAY

Postman News presents interaction with well known artist DJ SWAY. In her short span of time, her achievements in career are outstanding. She is capturing hearts not only nationally but also on an international level. Recently she was awarded as India’s leading female DJ.

Sway is a complete MELOPHILE. She sways and slays with her unique style. Her unlimited passion for music, has taken her all over the world to showcase her talent, in counties like GERMANY, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, BAHRAIN, QATAR, THAILAND and many more…

Read on to delve into the depths of what hasn’t been much known about her as she gets candid with her joy of sharing her dream and goals.

Here is the conversation:

1)  What according to you is the key to being a successful DJ?
The first and the most important thing is your love for music, keep practicing , do not phased by rejection and be open to criticism, be humble and respect your fellow Djs.
It is not enough to just play well .

2) What got you motivated in life for choosing this industry?
My passion for music , I always wanted to continue my career in the music industry only and I guess Djing is the first step towards it. 😊

3) How long have you been in the industry, and what differences do you find in the DJing industry back then and now?
Its been almost 5 years as a Dj, and Djing is now has growing really well , before there were less female dj’s, industry was less supportive towards female dj’s, they used to think we female dj’s are not aware of technical things of djing, female dj’s cant mixes well or don’t have much knowledge of music, then mostly the club owners/organizers were more towards male dj’s, but now the scenario has changed we female dj’s have proven our talent, now we get more support.

4) Has there been any music track which you have been asked to play on repeat mode?
Yes ! Always, recently the Senorita track by Shawn Mendes | Camila Cabello is in so much of demand the crowd keep asking for the track again & again, specially the girl gang.

Seeing this track trending so much I even made the remix of it , and getting good response by the way.😄

5) As a DJ, do you like the current songs that are being remade from their original versions, or do you like the original version of the songs?
Of course the original one, to remix them is our (Djs) work , haha.

6) Would you be able to recall some of the hardships you have gone through in the industry to reach where you have today?
By god grace everything has been very smooth in my journey so far.

7) What would your advice be for youngsters?
My advice is same which I have mentioned before , keep working hard , do not be phased by rejection and be open to the criticism. You will definitely achieve what you desire for.

8) What are your upcoming projects in the pipeline?
I am doing some official mashup for some known Punjabi singers, won’t reveal it until I release them 😃


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