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WWI to train students in filmmaking from 450 BMC School

Since its inception, Whistling Woods International (WWI) has played a pioneering role in inspiring, motivating, and transforming individuals into globally qualified creative arts professionals. This legacy was recently taken a step further, as Asia’s premier Film, Communication, and Creative Arts institute spread its expertise to students of Primary & Secondary sections of 480 Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) schools across Mumbai in order to foster the love for the art of filmmaking.

In its role as thought leader in India’s media and entertainment industry, WWI partnered with the BMC to conduct an education drive amongst its schools. This initiative will see WWI showcase several short films to the students, in order to develop and inspire the nation’s next generation of creative minds. Targeted at children between the age of eight and sixteen, WWI has prepared a list of hour-long films in English, Hindi, and Marathi. Each of these films has been carefully curated to impart a motivational and uplifting message to their viewers.

Additionally, WWI has also ensured the presence of its alumni on a regular basis, as part of the screening, giving the audience an opportunity to discuss the themes and ideas behind the film and allowing them to appreciate better the messages being imparted. The students will also have the opportunity to learn about the filmmaking techniques used during the creation of these films. As a special initiative, WWI would also make special arrangements for these students to attend one of the most coveted annual events of the institute – Celebrate Cinema.

Ms. Meghna Ghai Puri, President, WWI, shared, “I am delighted by this initiative by our faculty at Whistling Woods International. It is important for every good educational institute to contribute effectively to the society at large. Through this association with BMC schools, WWI aims to foster creativity in these kids and impart the basics of filmmaking to the students. We are confident of making a positive difference through our efforts and cultivate a healthy learning environment.”


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