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ItsAHappyWorld - A Social Media handle spreading Positivity in this age of Negative News

ItsAHappyWorld – A Social Media handle spreading Positivity in this age of Negative News

“All glory comes from daring to begin.”- Ruskin Bond

Swarnima Telang, artist behind the immensely popular Instagram handle ItsAHappyWorld, is a 30 year blissful woman who believes in spreading happiness and simplicity around her. Her guiding light in this journey of her illustrations has been Ruskin Bond. Initially social media websites gave her the inspiration to start her own page on social media sites to influence people positively. Her success and her enthusiasm towards her journey is worth all the applauds.

Swarnima never knew that she could expose her art of drawing and inspiring people on social media. Her positive attitude and her happy soul has been the explanation for her to mount at this very altitude in her life. She has been a very content person and she believes in what we say “Less in More.” It is quite brave of her to maintain this approach towards life in today’s era because from what we see in the world, everything is in complete disarray. Having mentioned that, it becomes unavoidable to mention that Swarnima and her encouraging work acts as a rainbow and a silver lining for so many people across the globe.

“ItsAHappyWorld”- The name of her page and website in itself acquaint us with the theme of the same. Her art and her allegiance to spread happiness and positivity have been the constant pillar in her escalation. Originally, ItsAHappyWorld was only a page that was shared with Swarnima’s drawing and thoughts on it as the content. Later she grew in this field when she created a website where she could start this merchandise. Currently, this website is on a path that only goes in the direction of expansion and prosperity. ItsAHappyWorld is a website that sells accessories and other stuff, having Swarnima’s paintings and her contented thoughts. ItsAHappyWorld have been a very popular page on Instagram as well. This page on Instagram has received unexpected quantity of love and support from its followers as stated by Swarnima in an interview.

Being optimistic and contented are the two qualities that people in today’s epoch do not generally possess. ItsAHappyWorld gives people that feeling of contentment and confidence in them that life has a lot of things to offer other than stress and apprehension. ItsAHappyWorld preaches that happiness and satisfaction can be found in every aspect of life, if we choose to see the world that way. Instead of being greedy and all trying to be all fancy, one must only be focusing on what they have and how they can utilize the same to its fullest in order to find fulfillment. Swarnima have been an inspiration to so many lost and unhappy souls. Her thoughts behind the accomplishment of this success are very humble and respectful. Ruskin Bond has been a constant in her life and is also the source of all the inspiration that she is filled with. Her only motto is to spread happiness to as many people as she can by abiding in this profession of hers.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- Leonardo Da Vinci.

ItsAHappyWorld is a page that sermonizes this quote word to word. Being in a fancy world and trying to match the status of every man and woman we meet is very tiresome and mentally harassing. Itsahappyworld is a page that has quotes and sayings that will only inspire the world and the people in it to adore the things that they have and find happiness in their family and friends.

Having this never-ending duty that she never fails to perform, she has mentioned in her interviews that her family and her friends have been extremely supportive towards her work. She never fails to praise the efforts that her husband has taken for her to single-handedly manage her work. Swarnima’s ItsAHappyWorld makes a huge contribution in spreading delight and gratification.


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