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Where Royalty meets magnificence

Where Royalty meets magnificence

The incredibility of India could be experienced across the wide expanse of its diversity from North to South and West to East. From snow covered mountains to the unfathomable oceans India is the land of white desert in Kutch to never ending rains in Meghalaya. Even amidst the most difficult terrains we have the most magnificent of structures. Amidst the land of desert lives the splendid royalty of architectural wonders of forts and palaces. The opulence of royal residences and fortresses are one of its kind living into an era which had a larger than life lifestyle. Even today the state is one of its kind around the globe for its feel, ambience, vibes and hospitality. The humbleness it shows in its manners and etiquettes is a testimony to a past with battles fought for honour of the motherland. The state of Rajasthan houses such Rajputana, Rajwada, Jodhpuri, Marwadi and other big royal lands. True to its name Rajasthan has been the living heaven on earth when it comes to living and presenting as the royals do.

From clothing, music and food to everything else which one can think of Rajasthan offers a spectacle of marvels with a glorious history for any inquisitive brain. The elegance redefined stands true here as living one’s dream life like a king is an everyday affair here. Further adding to the lifestyle is the array of views one can enjoy and have innumerable memories to cherish is the views from the top of mountains and hillocks on which most of the palaces are built. Also a place rich in fauna, Rajasthan has a diversity of wildlife in its Aravalli and Vindhyas mountain ranges.

From Jaipur to Jodhpur one can savour the lip smacking snacks and satiate those hungry taste buds with multiplicity of dishes from the ever rich royal Rajasthani food. Once into the land of colours one can live on wearing the best of prints and textures. Filled with the joy of living one can enjoy evenings filled with melody of folk music at every nook and corner while days could be spent soaked in exploring the never ending number of forts and palaces. To add on to the fun of living one can live in some of these buildings with all the luxuries. Rajasthan is not just about desert but also about the lakes in Udaipur and chilly hill station of Mount Abu. Rajasthan is as much inside as on outside. There is a lot in its heart as on the peripheries. One needs to soak in water at Pushkar to scorching heat in Jaisalmer. Rajasthan is all about oneself. It is a journey into the one step at a time into one’s own soul. The message of ‘oneness’ is to be spread to let people know the warmth of the hospitality, people here in Rajasthan provide to the tourists to make it a place to stay and explore.

The current government under PM Narendra Modi is also taking significant steps to tap the growth potential in the tourism sector in India. There have been so many initiative to accelerate the growth in the sector which also generates high amount of employment and revenue to the rural masses as well as the urban section of people. The current minister, less than a year after taking charge, K.J. Alphons, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Tourism, had launched a revamped “Incredible India” campaign.

In his recent interaction with us, he stated that, “My focus is how to get more people to come and see India. Last year, I had 10.1 million tourists, a 14.4 per cent rise over the previous year, when the global tourism market grew just 5 per cent. My receipts grew 19.1 per cent. We are among the fastest- growing tourism markets. Tourism created 14.62 million jobs in the last four years and is the sector that has created the largest number of jobs. We contribute about 7 per cent to GDP, 12.36 per cent to employment. But am I happy? No. We want these numbers to double in three years. My receipts last year were about $27 billion (Rs 1,77,584 crore). I want to reach $100 billion in five years. This is doable.”

It is true and widely accepted fact that in recent times the tourism in India has gained exponential growth and has outperformed the global tourism industry in regards to the growth, volume of foreign people visits, and in terms of revenue and incomes. Lets assume the growth will not only accelerate but will also generate more volumes of revenue and income with greater employment to youth in the times to come.


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