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US Cranberries Organizes Masterclass with Chef Saransh Goila

US Cranberries Organizes Masterclass with Chef Saransh Goila

It was “foodie” time this weekend, as aspiring chefs and food lovers of NCR came together to celebrate National Eat a Cranberry Day, with Chef Saransh Goila at The Pullman, New Delhi Aerocity. The renowned chef-led an engaging masterclass, hosted by US Cranberries, and captivated 100+ participants with delightful cranberry based cuisine.

The event focused on highlighting the benefits of “America’s Original Superfruit ®”, and its culinary uses in mainstream Indian cooking. Chef Saransh created two special recipes for this very occasion. The first recipe was a Cream Cheese Kabab with a Cranberry Chilli Chutney. The second was a Baked Cranberry Rasgulla. During the live masterclass session, Chef Saransh demonstrated how to recreate these dishes at home and the ease with which US Cranberry can be incorporated into an Indian diet. While interacting with the audience, Chef Saransh answered questions about the superfruit and explained that cranberries are packed with antioxidants, low in fat, high in fiber, and are perfect for cooking and baking.

The masterclass was a packed event with fun activities for all in attendance. A noteworthy highlight included Chef Saransh releasing a recipe booklet, featuring Indian dishes of his own creation that use US cranberries. With the help of his booklet, Chef Saransh hopes that people in India will be more motivated to cook with cranberries and include them in their daily diet.

“It was a pleasure to be a part of this event. I have always felt connected with cranberries since I used to bake a lot of desserts with cranberries for the Christmas festival, and Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I enjoy using cranberries in all kinds of dishes because they are so delicious and have so many benefits. I’m sure the recipes we made today will be loved by culinary masterminds worldwide,” said Saransh Goila, Chef.

“We were very excited to celebrate National Eat a Cranberry day with food enthusiasts in New Delhi, and to introduce new, vibrant cranberry dishes curated by our partner, Chef Saransh Goila,” said Michelle Hogan, Executive Director of the Cranberry Marketing Committee.

While tasting Chef Saransh Goila’s dish, a self-prescribed foodie said, “This kebab dish is superb, and all the ingredients are perfectly balanced. Because of the cranberries, this dish is nutritious and tasty.”

Indian chefs are stealing the limelight all over the world. From reality TV show winners to restaurant chain managers, the industry is getting acquainted with new faces every day. Chef Saransh Goila is one of those faces, though albeit an already rather popular one. Notably, he appeared as the guest judge on MasterChef Australia, an internationally renowned TV show, on the special 10-year anniversary season. His signature dish, the Goila Butter Chicken was recreated by the contestants as a challenge.


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