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Unlock the business benefits of centralized HCM with Paysquare’s industry-leading payroll platform

Strengthening its legacy of offering disruptive payroll solutions, Paysquare has unveiled a unique platform to enable enterprises in unlocking the endless business benefits of centralised HCM.

The platform has been specifically tailored for enterprises with multiple footprints and branches to offer them with unified, distinctive payroll experience. Businesses can seamlessly integrate performance management with payroll rewards to boost transparency and employee satisfaction.

Enterprises with multiple branches witness the consistent challenge of compliance with local and global payroll regulations. Recruiting local human resources escalates the operational expenditures and also brings in complexities in the payroll process of an organisation.

Eliminate disruptions in employee payroll

Business restructuring often disrupts the core internal processes of an organisation including payroll which negatively impacts employee morale and productivity. Paysquare’s strategic solution offers consistent, precise and timely payroll services without disruption owing to restructuring measures by an organisation.

The platform, besides payroll and tax calculation also packs in a host of value-added services like employee performance management tools and tracking of work hours to aid organisational transparency and employee retention.

Harnessing emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, the platform eliminates repetitive, monotonous tasks which consume significant work hours of HR professionals. This results in better collaboration and productivity helping focus on revenue-oriented operations.

‘’The tech-savvy millennial workforce today expects a seamless payroll experience wherein services such as direct deposit can be accessed remotely on any device. Our state of the art payroll services platform offers a unified payroll experience to every employee of a global organisation optimising Human Capital Management within the enterprise, “said Rakesh Jain, CEO and Founder, Paysquare.

Performance-oriented payroll operations also motivate employees to upskill their talent and productivity and enhance their contribution to the collective growth of the organisation.

‘’The platform also features a multi-layer security mechanism as well as a robust disaster recovery management to ensure the protection of business-critical data of an enterprise,’’ added Jain.


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