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Track your brain fitness via Neuphony's brain wearable

Track your brain fitness via Neuphony’s brain wearable

Neuphony is India’s first brain wearable that has 8 sensors that monitor brain wave patterns and transmit them to a user’s mobile phone using Bluetooth. The 8 uniquely placed sensors and ML-based processing of the EEG signals recommend a custom brain training regime.

Co-Founded by Ms. Ria Rustagi Neuphony is headquartered in India and designed in Germany. The headset is like a brain coach that gives you real-time auditory feedback. Using Meditation as a tool, the device opens the door to gratitude and bliss in one’s life, you stay calmer, composed, and balanced.

Launched in September last year, Neuphony is officially a part of the Start-up India initiative which means it is DPIIT certified. Neuphony brings to you the benefits of neurofeedback in the comfort of your home with the help of a wearable headband and a mobile application.


Track your brain fitness via Neuphony's brain wearable


Talking about the same, Co-Founder of Neuphony Ria Rustagi says, “People usually try to suppress their daily mental health challenges, whether it’s getting a panic attack, forgetfulness, or even overwhelming thoughts due to their regular activities. We even go on to judge ourselves for feeling tired or being unable to perform some tasks. But with Neuphony, that changes. The headset tracks your brain activity to help you become calmer and happier. Just as Jitu said in Kota Factory, “You are not completely fit unless all parts of your body are working to its full potential” and I completely stand by that.”

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRja_aaHdaY/


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