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Haryana’s Bootstrapped Powerhouse Startup Takes on Tech Giants

In the vast expanse of the tech industry, where venture capital funds seem to flow endlessly, there exists a remarkable tale of determination, innovation, and sheer willpower. This story unfolds in the heart of Haryana, where a small bootstrapped team of husband-wife duo who dared to dream and, against all odds, created DaySchedule over tech giants like Calendly, a revolutionary appointment scheduling software. Their journey is a testament to the power of determination, an India-first approach, and the unwavering belief in their product.

In an era where venture capital-funded startups often burn through cash, chasing the elusive dream of profitability, this small team from Haryana has defied the norms. Their journey began with an idea and a vision to create something meaningful, something that would not just disrupt the market, but also sustain itself without relying on external funding. Their approach was different — instead of following the herd and seeking venture capital, they bootstrapped their way to success.

Meet the Powerhouse Duo

In the quaint town of Gurugram, Haryana, the husband-wife duo embarked on a remarkable journey. Armed with nothing but their passion for technology and a deep understanding of the market, they founded their company. 

Their vision was clear: to create a product that not only met the demands of the modern digital landscape for growing online businesses in India. But to create a centralized appointment software tailored to meet the diverse needs of India’s digital landscape for online teachers, consultant, doctors etc.




An ‘India First’ Approach:

DaySchedule’s founders understood the pulse of the Indian market. Recognizing the growing prevalence of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) in India, they implemented an ‘India first’ approach, integrating UPI seamlessly for appointment payments within their software. This foresight not only streamlined the payment process but also endeared DaySchedule to businesses and individuals across the country. While others hesitated, this small team embraced the UPI revolution, propelling their growth and cementing their position as pioneers in the Indian appointment scheduling market.

The Profitable Path

While venture capital-backed competitors were still burning through cash in pursuit of profitability, DaySchedule stood tall as a beacon of financial prudence. Their ‘India first’ approach not only fuelled rapid growth but also ensured profitability from the outset.DaySchedule’s journey is more than just a success story; it’s a legacy in the making. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovation, an unwavering commitment to one’s vision, and the courage to challenge industry giants. In a world captivated by billion-dollar valuations and unicorn statuses, DaySchedule stands as a reminder that the essence of entrepreneurship lies in solving real-world problems and creating value.


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