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Top trending video campaigns on Likee in 2019

Top trending video campaigns on Likee in 2019

Likee is a leading global short video creation platform that offers advanced special effects video shooting and editing tools. Launched in 2017, it has gained immense popularity with Gen Z worldwide in no time. The app is renowned the world over for creating unique campaigns that offer valuable content according to the taste of the youth.

In 2019, Likee caught the attention of users with many interesting campaigns and videos. Here’s our pick of the top trending Likee video hashtags that made waves this year:


Likee’s innovative ‘No matter where I am, #IAMINDIAN campaign, was launched to celebrate India’s 73rd Independence Day and strike a chord of patriotism amongst the people of the nation. Through this campaign, users could go beyond simple text celebratory messages and use interesting stickers and new effects to make engaging videos. It was a huge hit with over 2.5 lakh videos being created and over 783 million views. International sports sensation Hima Das also took part in this campaign. It went on to win the Guinness World Record for making the largest online video album of people waving the Indian flag.


Likee Joined hands with Desi Melodies to promote the music video Filhall, which marked the foray of one of the most loved Bollywood icons – Akshay Kumar, along with Kriti Sanon’s younger sister Nupur, into the independent music videos circuit. Riding on the popularity of this song, Likee started the #Filhall campaign and urged users to shoot their own videos of this song. It got a whopping response and garnered 914 million views, with people from all over making soulful videos of this song.


In this interesting and innovative campaign, Likeers were invited to create entertaining videos of their favourite Bollywood song and use their phone flashlight in tune with the beats of the song. A large number of users participated in this unique campaign and the theme went viral for the use of a simple trick to make entertaining videos. The campaign garnered about 924 million views, making it a sensation among the youth. Users came up with interesting videos focusing primarily on their facial expressions.


Likee launched a unique way to express love for loved ones through the #MeetLove campaign. Likeers could create videos for their loved ones or with their loved ones on their favourite Bollywood songs and capture those special moments for eternity. The campaign was a huge success and got 974 million views from across the globe. It was an instant hit with youngsters the world over who could create stylish videos with stunning backgrounds to profess their love.


Likee launched the campaign #TheZoyaFactor, as part of the promotion of the book-turned-film The Zoya Factor which starred Sonam Kapoor. Likeers could make innovative videos with a dialogue from the movie playing in the background. The campaign garnered 773 million views globally. It gave youngsters a platform to showcase their talent and create exciting videos with a snapshot of Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor in the background as part of the video.


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