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Time Loop - A Riveting Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel by Sumeet S. Navalkar and published by Leadstart

Time Loop – A Riveting Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel by Sumeet S. Navalkar and published by Leadstart

Science and imagination come together in a captivating new book, “Time Loop,” authored by the brilliant mind of Sumeet S. Navalkar and published by Leadstart. This thought-provoking novel takes readers on a journey through time and space, weaving together intriguing characters and mind-bending mysteries.

In “Time Loop,” readers will delve into the lives of Weltri, Swayam, and Suresh, each entangled in their own time-traveling quests, facing dilemmas that could reshape their destinies. Weltri, an adventurous seeker, ventures into the future, only to witness a shift in events upon his return. The question lingers: did his time-traveling alter the fabric of space-time, or is there a mysterious force at play?

Meanwhile, Swayam and Rupa, driven by their shared dreams, embark on a journey to the past, only to encounter the enigmatic allure of a man from that era. As they unravel the secrets of the past, they find themselves questioning the boundaries of fate and coincidence.

Suresh, the reincarnate of Weltri, struggles with the enduring love for his past-life wife, Pranayi. Determined to reunite with her, he turns to his trusty time-machine, but the limitations of his device raise doubts about the feasibility of his mission. Can Suresh find Pranayi in this lifetime when her whereabouts remain a mystery?

Adding to the intricacy of the plot, Nimish, the least-known member of the renowned Weltri’s family, possesses the brilliance of his father and the logical mind of his mother. With the power to alter the course of his own history, Nimish faces a pivotal decision—one that may determine Swayam’s very existence.

Author Sumeet S. Navalkar’s unique background in science has greatly influenced his storytelling. A Bachelor of Science, Navalkar has masterfully woven scientific concepts into his narratives, creating a perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy. Since his first story in 2004, he has continued to captivate readers with his imaginative tales.

“Time Loop” promises readers an enthralling experience, with its blend of time-travel, romance, and mystery. Navalkar’s talent for world-building and character development shines through, leaving readers eager to turn each page in anticipation of the next twist.

Join us on a journey through the corridors of time and unravel the enigmas that lie within “Time Loop.” The book is now available at all major bookstores and online retailers.


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