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Kanthi Dutt

Kanthi Dutt makes a new business announcement on Instagram, Tritiyaa Jewellery

From starting Spartans Media to SustainKart and many more, Kanthi Dutt is known for his remarkable brands and start-ups. At the age of 23, Kanthi Dutt announces his big ticket investment in his new venture Trityaa Fine Jewellery which will be a jewellery brand in the south of India to begin with. The showroom is launching on the 8th September, this coming Friday.

Noting about his new business, Kanthi Dutt says, “Anything that’s luxurious, exquisite and exclusive, I just shop.” Kanthi that has grown up fascinating jewellery. He always chooses to gift his near and dear only jewellery as he believes that the value grows and the gift is cherished.

He added, “From choosing karyagar’s masterpieces to designing some exclusive pieces, my team at Tritiyaa have put their best foot forward, and I can’t be more proud.” Continuing his several Bombay stories in the recent past, it is rumoured that Kanthi is following his fashion of partnering with a celebrity to accelerate the business growth. Is it Bollywood this time? Who is it?

The rumours and speculations have started to flood in his comments and on people’s feed and stories. Our country can’t be more proud of such an amazing young entrepreneur.


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