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The Young Entrepreneur Making a Mark

Excitement, enthusiasm and energy are some of the remarkable qualities which are found in the current millennipreneurs. Talented entrepreneurs have indeed made a mark in the international market.

One of the most promising young entrepreneurs who have reached sheer heights of success in recent times is famously known as Ajmal Jan Hamdard. Afghan logistician and entrepreneur is the owner of AS Logistics which is a full-service shipping and logistics company based in the capital of Afghanistan (Kabul).

In 2002, Ajmal Jan Hamdard returned to his homeland from Pakistan so as to persue his career. He has certainly gained immense respect and honour at different international forums. Additionally, he completed Master in Business Management which abetted to his knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of business.

At one forum, Ajmal said that;

“The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.”

Since the day Ajmal entered his family business in the year 2011, the company has been offering the most exceptionally extraordinary and superior service standards to the clienteles across different regions of the world which may include Pakistan and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Ajmal’s has worked tirelessly to make the company what it is today.

Due to his diligent and determined efforts AS Logistics has meticulously attended the needs of numerous industries and segments such as US Army (US TRANSCOM), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), UN organizations, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), National and international contractors, Multinational Companies and Construction Companies and so on.

So, the struggle of young ethnic Pashtun who belongs to a Mangal Tribe has surely made him a major stakeholder in the emerging market of shipping and logistics industry. Ajmal Jan Hamdard presence in the global market is expending progressively and now he is being considered as a highly influential personality of the Afghan logistics and freight forwarding industry.


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