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Teacher Anger Management- The Need Of The Hour

Teacher Anger Management- The Need Of The Hour

We have lately been hearing a lot about things like ‘positive parenting’ and ‘child counselling’ but have we ever paid attention to the No. 1 reason for the child depression and suicide in India?- The bad temper of teachers in schools”.

Earlier, we used to read or hear stories of abusive teacher behaviour in schools to extract high grades from the students. However, lately these incidents have taken a horrid turn making me and many other Indians appalled. Yesterday, on August 30, 2017, a 12-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu allegedly committed suicide after a school teacher allegedly scolded her for a period stain on her uniform.
The class 7 student jumped from off a 25-foot-high building in Tirunelvelli leaving behind a suicide note. According to the letter, the girl had soiled a school bench and stained her dress because of a common period leak. However, her classmates started pointing at the stain and making comments. When the young girl approached the teacher in an embarrassed state and asked permission to go to the washroom when the teacher shouted at her for not knowing how to place a pad properly.

In another similar incident today, 31 August 2017, a school teacher in the Utrethia district of Lucknow was suspended after the CCTV cameras verified her assaulting a Std. III student when he did not stand up after his name was called out during the attendance.

Ritesh, a student of St. John Vaidyanya School, was sitting on the first seat when the teacher started calling out the attendance.

When Ritesh didn’t stand up even after his name was called, the teacher beat him and continued even after he fell down. She slammed his head against the blackboard and the kid fell unconsciously on the floor.

The teacher was suspended by the principal of the school after Ritesh’s parents complained about the incident.

“Why are some Indian teachers so angry that they beat our children black and blue?”

“What is wrong with the Teachers in India?”

The problem stems from an incorrect assumption that verbal or physical abuse can result in any positive outcome. “In most cases, teachers do not even care to listen to the children. It is time the teachers understand that they are facilitators in the learning process and their behavior with students has to be principled.

Parents often ask me questions like “why is my child scared, talks less and prefers staying at home?” and “what can be done to make him a happy child again?”

The answer is clear- Teach such Teachers to behave appropriately.

The need of the hour is a strong education system with teachers being hired on the basis of not only their qualification but also their student management skills.

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About Dr. Anupama Verma

Dr. Anupama Verma
Dr. Anupama Verma is a Clinical psychologist and M.S mental health, having 10yrs experience. Can be reached at [email protected]

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