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Why Indians fall prey to fake godmen (babas)
Why Indians fall pray to fake godmen (babas)

Why Indians fall prey to fake godmen (babas)

It is often found in Indian society that self proclaimed fake God men (babas) and God women mislead public and amass illegal wealth. What upsets me more is that the ‘urban’ and the so called ‘educated’ people fall prey to these Babas.

Why such people flourish despite the spread of education and awareness?

When will we, as Indians, learn to assume responsibility for our lives instead of falling back on blind faith?

In a quest to looking for the answers to the above questions, I have come to this conclusion:

News of God men turning out to be con men should not surprise us. What should surprise us instead is the eager readiness of individuals, even highly educated ones, to surrender themselves to such Babas– the con men of religion. Where have we misplaced our capacity for righteous indignation?

The reasons for Indians to fall trap to the “Babaism” are more psychological than sociological.

People in our country have strong religious roots which have been swaddled by superstitions since ages. Also there is widespread discontent, frustration and disappointment in millions of people, more so in urban India than in rural India. The underlying reasons are unemployment, poverty, competition, work stress, work-life imbalance, marital disputes, infidelity, love and crime. People seek relief from these problems by adopting various measures. Some are escapists, some find peace within and many more seek this assurances from Babas. The Babas provide them a hope system. This is the main reason for proliferation of Baba culture.

This defies the rational logic and even the highly educated people fall trap to this Babaism.

Living in a virtual world and dissociation with the reality, people tend to ignore deep malaise prevailing in their own self and stay in their alternate world. Thus, failing to take control of their life and problems.

Here it needs to be mentioned that not all Babas are bad. There are few individuals and organizations which do help people in seeing a different aspect of life, but identifying them from the normal crowd is becoming a challenge for normal human beings.

Hence a more regulated and aware Indian is the need of hour today.

Remember: “You are your problem and also the solution.”

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About Dr. Anupama Verma

Dr. Anupama Verma
Dr. Anupama Verma is a Clinical psychologist and M.S mental health, having 10yrs experience. Can be reached at [email protected]

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