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Sunil ydv SS, World Record Holder, Author and Founder of SS Motivation: An Indian Boy Reaches Out to the Hearts of the Youth

Sunil ydv SS, World Record Holder, Author and Founder of SS Motivation: An Indian Boy Reaches Out to the Hearts of the Youth

Sunil ydv SS has Indian nationality and is the founder and CEO of the SS Motivation organization. His Telegram channel SS Motivation received the 2019 India Book of Records Most Popular Motivation Channel award and the 2019 Bravo International Book of World Records for the Most Subscribed Motivational Channel on Telegram.

Sunil ydv SS is a proud Founder and CEO of The SS Motivation, and he wants to grow more and more in this field as an entrepreneur. Being ahead, he leads with front and helps his team to do better and learn the right things in social media marketing.

Sunil ydv SS’s Telegram channel SS Motivation received 12.73 crore views last year. He has a fan base of 5 million on social media, with more than 2 million followers on Facebook. The Telegram channel, which is the brainchild of Sunil, was initially an experiment by the founder for social media and entertainment purposes. However, with time, Sunil started posting quotes, shayaris, poems, and images based on his personal life experiences. Over the course of a year, the Telegram channel SS Motivation has achieved followers from across fifteen countries, and we can expect it to cross the mark of 10 million by the end of 2021.

Presently, Sunil ydv SS is spreading happiness, knowledge, education, and life experiences among his fans through the Telegram channel. The laughable thoughts and quotes by the founder no the channel is helping fans to cope up with their aggression and stress on a day-to-day basis. According to the founder, the consistent endeavor of the channel is making it more successful. We do not doubt that the future of the channel is very bright.

Moreover, in an article published in Dainik Jagran, Sunil stated that he helps people with the struggles of life with the assistance of his Telegram channel. He makes them aware of aspects to incorporate peace in life, dealing with depression, women empowerment, and many other essential elements of the Indian culture.

For his efforts, Sunil has received the prestigious REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karamveer Chakra (कर्मवीर चक्र) Award from ICONGO ( International confederation of NGO) and the United Nations in 2019. In the same year, he was also honored with the Iconic Personality of India by IAS Jatashankar Choudhary at the Indraprastha Educational Research & Charitable Trust, New Delhi, India. He also received the Humanitarian Excellence Award in the same year from ADG of police Ravi Prakash for his social work.

The Secret Behind Success, a book written by Sunil ydv SS dives deep into the critical aspects of life relationships, money, fame, and power. The author, who is an established entrepreneur and has millions of followers on Telegram channel SS Motivation, explains ways to succeed in these aspects.

Sunil’s full name is Sunil Kumar Yadav. He is the founder of the SS Motivation Telegram channel and was born in Alwar city, Rajasthan. His parents, mother’s name is Kamlesh Yadav, and his father’s name is ShishRam Yadav. His grandparents, grandfather’s name is Ramkunwar Yadav, and his grandmother’s name is Kalawati Devi.

Sunil also has a siblings, a sister, and her name is Sapna Yadav. He went to the Govt Sr. Sec School Budhi Bawal to complete his schooling and education. He loves the Hindi language and always had a keen interest in it. A year ago, he also started a few projects on women’s Safety. For his numerous social contributions, he was awarded two major awards in 2019, namely, Rashtra Prerna Award in Indore and Incredible Indian icon award. His height is 1.65 meters or 5 feet 5 inches,” and weight is 60 kgs. His eye color is black, and his hair color is black. He lives in New Delhi. Sunil’s shoe size is 8 .

When Sunil created his channel, he was just having fun online. However, when his channel struck a chord with youngsters and adults alike, he realized that he had created a medium to ‘make people happy’ despite their hectic schedule. Sunil claims that his channel has become Number 1 on Telegram with an amazing fan-following. His channel is special and different, where people love to browse through motivational content and light-hearted fun content together. Today, there are several other channels who began by copying SS Motivation, but Sunil’s channel remains one of its kind and a class apart.


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