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Sati Pratha: Exhuming the truth

Sati Pratha: Exhuming the truth

When I was in 8th standard, I was taught that Hinduism carried many evil practices like Dowry, Sati, Caste system etc. Well I have already blasted the truth about dowry practice in one of the earlier posts. Now I have decided to write about sati pratha.

We were taught in schools that Hinduism oppressed the women in the society; it never allowed them to progress, let me tell you this is lie of the first order. Sati was not practiced in India from the Vedic period, and Sati was no where mentioned in any of the ancient religious texts. First of all Sati was name given by the British to the practice in which brides were burned.

It is said that Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a so called great reformer made the efforts to abolish the sati system from Bengal.

Oh Yeah??

Sorry, Sati was not practiced in Bengal, there might be some cases were British might have bribed the elites of Bengal to forcefully burn some widows, otherwise use your brains, Do you think the strong headed women of Bengal will ever go for Sati. Our so called RAJA Ram Mohan Roy was a British stooge and opium agent of Bengal, and mind you he was no Raja or king of anywhere, Raja was a title awarded to him by British, for his faithfulness.

Getting back to sati, It is a practice of burning the widow in the funeral pyre of her dead husband. Liberals and comrades might be saying see these Hindus were so bad that they burnt their women alive.

Forceful burning of widows was never practiced in India, only Rajasthan was the place where women used to jump in the fire, that too willingly not forcefully as touted by the white invader. They named this practice as Jauhar, the death before dishonor. Before the Arab invaders came too India there was not even Jauhar.
Arabs whenever defeated any Indian Hindu king they used to abduct the queens and other royal women, and deported them to the brothels, where they were treated as subhumans, one such example was abduction of queen Samyukta, wife of Prithvi Raj this was the reason why those noble brave women chose to die by burning themselves.

When the white invader arrived in India, they also had missionaries with them to spread the word of God. When they found it difficult to convert the local Hindus, as the Hindus were very proud of their culture, these whites decided to make the Hindus self loathing. They hired Sanskrit scholars to spread the lies about the Hinduism quoting the religious texts, one such wanna be stooge was Ambedkar. They did propaganda by injecting some white lies in our religious texts, in order to justify the lies propagated by white historians.
Same thing was done for Sati. They fabricated fake stories related to sati practices in Hinduism. Like after Fake Jalandhar King was killed by Lord Shiva, with the help of Lord Vishnu who cheated his Fake devotee Vrinda who was Chaste wife of Jalandhra, Vrinda chose to commit Sati.
They even injected Sati in Mahabharat, after King Pandu died his wife madri commited sati. Sorry, Madri didn’t commit sati, she did self immolation due to grief.

Sati Pratha: Exhuming the truth

In Rajasthan, some British Historians and their Indian stooges went to an extent that they even built a temple associated with practice of sati. They named it as Rani Sati temple then later they back dated this temple.
Now if there is a temple then there must be a story associated to it. Hey they even had a solution to this, they again chose Mahabharat.

Here is the story of Rani Sati Temple:
“When 16 year old Abhimnyu was killed in the chakravyuh of kurukshetra battle field, his wife Uttra decided to commit Sati in Abhimanyu’s funeral, then Lord Krishna came for her rescue, and stopped her from doing so, but Uttra was insisting on committing Sati.
So again Lord Krishna gave her a solution, he told that her desire to commit sati will be fulfilled in her next birth.
So in next birth, Uttra was born as Narayni, the daughter of Gursamal in the village of Dokwa in Rajasthan, and Abhimanyu took birth in Hissar as Tandan Das, son of Jali Ram.
Tandan Das and Narayni got married and started living a peaceful life, but one day the son of local king has a fight with Tandan Das, Tandan das killed the prince.
This enraged the king who in turn killed Tandan Das in front of Narayni. She then commanded Rana ji to make arrangements for committing Sati. Narayni blessed Rana ji for fulfilling her wish, and jumped in the fire.
Since then she is remembered as Rani Sati”
Oh so sad!! Tears are rolling down my cheeks, where is my hankie.
Sob… Sob…
Haha Lol!
Hey why she chose to be called as Rani, why not Das??

British even ensured to build these Rani Sati temples in entire India. This continued even after independence, later it was stopped by Indira Gandhi. One can’t even imagine what ridiculous things these invaders have done to damage Indian cultural roots and to make Hindus self loathing.

Now let me conclude this post, Sati pratha or bride burning was the product of white invader’s brain for ridiculing Indians. Actually they chose this Specific word Sati because Sati was wife of Lord Shiva, who did self immolation when her father insulted Lord Shiva in Yagya. Hindu women are not even allowed to participate in the last rites at the Shmshan Ghat, then how they can commit Sati.


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