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Mahagun Moderne Noida : The Terrifying Story From The Owner’s Perspective
Mahagun Moderne Noida : The Terrifying Story From The Owner’s Perspective

Mahagun Moderne Noida : The Terrifying Story From The Owner’s Perspective

Mob of Bangladeshis riot at Mahagun Moderene Society, Sector -78, Noida. This is the fourth such incident in the area. You employ them, they will steal, if you question, they will bring mob and riot.

If you ear well, live in a decent society, are secular and think that they wont harm you.. then you are living in an imaginary world.

Message from the flat owner
To narrate the story what happened :

Yesterday our Bangaladeshi maid who does cleaning was asked if she has stolen money as we had intuitions that she is doing that. We told her that we have a video of her stealing money from home. She thought that she got cought and she accepted that she had stolen Rs.10000 which she asked to adjust in her salary. We denied that and said that we will inform about her in facility as she can do this in other 12 houses of Mahagun too. She insisted not to inform in facility as she will loose work. But we chose to inform in facility and asked her to come to facility with us. When asked to come to facility she ran away and the same will be cptured in cctv too. She left her phone at my home in this incident. The time was around 5:30 in the evening and on the spot i went to facility, informed everything to Mr.Ramaswami in facility and submitted the phone to him. He said you don’t worry and he will take care of it as these Maids as they do this often. I went back to home.

Then at 9 pm 2 ladies from Mahagun came to my home along with the husband of the maid and 2 guards. They asked us that this Maid Zora dint came back home. I informed the whole incident but suddenly her husband asked me that you have taken her phone. I thought how his husband knows that the phone is with me if his wife dint reached back home. I came to know that they are making story and the same was analysed by the mahagun ladies who came with him.

Then around 10:30 her husband came again with 2 policemen at my home. He might had called on 100 number. He was asking me that where is his wife. I informed the whole incident again to police and also told them about the phone. Policeman shouted on his husband and asked him not to disturb us. They also told me and they do these things often and you don’t need to worry. They told her husband to search for his wife outside or file a complaint as she is not here and we do not have to do anything with her.
We slept assuming that the story is over pledging not to hire any Bangladeshi Maid in future..

But in the morning they came in groups and you all know the scenario. They entered in my house by breaking the door glass. It was terrifying. It’s about our life and I am afraid about the safety of my family and kid.

I believe if searched on cctv it can be found how, when and where this maid went out of Mahagun.
It was terrifying..

See the date of the video, when she (maid) is escorted out:

Now “Urban Naxalism” Sympathizers have taken up the story of Noida Mahagun Bangladeshis Attack. Kavita Krishnan has asked her details on phone. Communists are seizing this opportunity by siding with rioters. The life of these residents is under threat now. Many people and children are locked up inside the society due to threat of bangladeshi rioters. Now you will see another narrative on Quint, Wire and other commie websites.


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  1. You need to get their passport and all other ID details report these as illegal immigrants to police and get them deported to Bangladesh. They are becoming a menace in Assam, West Bengal slowly in major cities. The non- BJP / anti-Hindu / anti national parties will support them via human rights etc and prey on their votes to return to power. These political parties want to rapidly transform Hindustan into Pakistan in next few decades. That’s why congress party, communist, RJD and, Samaj wadi’s want control media and spread antihindu propaganda to protect them.
    Hindus and nationalist need get together to deport these people and remove Mamta from WB chair. Hindustani integrity is in danger

    • I agree completely on your views and would like to say that while deporting the immigrants we should also pack up people like Mamta and the left wing party as they live on our soil , eat on our taxes and demean our countrymen and motherland. Infact, best is to quarantine them.

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