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People Matters Takes the Leap with a New Content App Focused on the World of Work – People Matters Sphere

As global businesses gear up to adopt new technologies and address dynamic talent needs to create a higher business impact, the question that emerges is: how are you as a talent leader preparing yourself to lead this transformation and be future-ready?

Learning is core to human existence. Be it the cave men learning to light a fire, or Thomas Edison inventing the electric bulb after several failures, without acquiring the knowledge and skillset critical to get it right, neither of them would have been able to transform the way humans exist. Today the sources to acquire knowledge across domains are in plenty, leaving a majority of the learning population at the crossroads of what to learn, unlearn and relearn, in an era that demands continuous learning.

Breaking down the components of learning in disruptive times through knowledge sharing, People Matters hosted the annual Learning and Development Conference 2019 on November 6 2019 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. The company’s Learning & Development Conference is the largest and most progressive L&D conference in Asia which witnesses participation from over 700 CHROs and L&D leaders. This year eminent speakers such as Gurucharan Das, Ashish Vidyarthi, Andrew Bryant, Vivek Mehrotra, Raj Raghavan, Hemalakshmi Raju and Sheetal Ramesh, among others, spoke on the importance of learning and capability building for the future.

The ongoing disruptions and breakthroughs in the corporate world have led to capability building becoming a top priority to survive and thrive. People Matters in its endeavour to enable you to become the answer in your sphere of work, and to empower your journey as you lead your team, and your organization to the next big milestone, brings to you a brand new offering – People Matters Sphere, a content app focused exclusively on the world of work, launched at the People Matters Learning and Development Conference 2019.

The content app – People Matters Sphere – offers you a daily dose of Insights, Opinions, Analysis and News, curated especially for you from the Editor’s desk. People Matters Sphere brings to you 5 powerful stories a day, in the space of people and work, from across the globe, delivering crisp content on your fingertips.

“As per our recent study on India’s State of HR Technology 2019, the investments in skilling HR are largely sporadic and are not structured. Through our app we strive to be the nerve centre of everything people and work, and enable you to stay updated every morning through crisp insights on talent and trends from around the world,” shares Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters Pte. Ltd.

People Matters Sphere filters through the piles of information available in the market, applying the lens of relevance, forward-thinking, strategic, breakthrough work, and offers you 25 compact yet insightful stories every week, fulfilling your appetite for content. It is just a byte sized app and yet manages to pack in a punch in a few minutes, keeping its readers updated with global trends in HR Tech, and Transformation, Talent Management, Leadership, Employee Experience, Global C-Suite movements, Culture, Total Rewards and Benefits, Future of Work, Learning and Development, Economies and Policies, Performance Management, and more. Readers can choose under which categories they want to receive their daily nuggets of information.


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