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“Move over what the society says”, TEDx speaker Vishakha Sodha inspires the crowd to be limitless!

“Move over what the society says”, TEDx speaker Vishakha Sodha inspires the crowd to be limitless!

Unplugged by TEDxGateway speaker, Vishakha Sodha, grew up to have an unusual avocation of collecting degrees. From graduating in English Literature to Fashion Designing from National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFT), Journalism and Media studies followed with an MBA in Operations.

She strongly believes that learning is not something that only depends on what career option you pick, but also on your personal interests and that belief led her to achieving qualifications in 4 different fields.

Being exceptionally well at academics at NIFT she got a chance to work at Lakme Fashion Week and instantly got picked up by fashion designer Jatin Varma as his General Manager at just the age of 18 and then there was no looking back.

She ventured into multiple professions simultaneously and quit her full time job to start freelancing in influencer marketing along with her other professions. No, it wasn’t all that fancy as it sounds! Everyone has a story and hers has been quite an inspiring one.

Here are a few takeaway points from her Unplugged by TEDxGateway talk that you must try to imbibe in your life:

• Take the road less travelled by

At every stage in life, you are questioned what is that one thing you want to become or achieve in life. But is that what you want to live for? Do you want to achieve just one thing when there’s such a huge pool of opportunities? Vishakha shattered the myth of having to do just one degree or to achieve just one step at a time and went on to explore various industries and landed up with 4 degrees!

• Be the jack of all trades, not the master of one

You are always told about a very negative connotation of the quote ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. With the changing times and the growing competition, it is absolutely important to garner as much knowledge as possible. The value of a multitasker has seen much scope than someone who is a master of one particular segment. If you are talented in various facets of life, you’re never going to really face any trouble and are sure to touch the sky!

• Forget ‘log kya kahenge’

The society is meant to talk things but it is your choice to listen or move on! Instead of cribbing over what someone said, Vishakha suggests that you do what your heart says. It may be a tough call but it is all going to be worth the effort. Back in the days, a lot of people never understood what made Vishakha go for so many degrees or switch careers but that didn’t really stop her and it shouldn’t stop you either!

• Make your passion your profession

This may sound like a cliche advice but it is the truest thing possible! How do you expect to give your 100% to something you don’t even like doing? When passion becomes your paycheck, it automatically keeps you motivated and yearning for more.

• Face your fears

Never let your fears weigh you down! If there’s something that you think you don’t know or scares you, you must always choose that. Go for the tougher option and you are definitely going to wing it! Don’t let the fear of the unknown or no guidance keep you away from what you are meant for, walk the road and we’re sure you will achieve your vision.

She was looked down upon, dejected and sometimes even lacked support but it didn’t stop her from attaining her dreams to undertaking various professions at once – an actor, a hotel reviewer, voice over artist, a host, social media influencer, health and grooming coach, a live streamer, influencer marketing freelancer, and getting featured in over 20 print and online media.

She believes that if she can do this without any help financial or professional guidance, so can you!


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