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Meraki & Co. - A brand that sparks conversations, trigger emotions and carries a strong social currency value!

Meraki & Co. – A brand that sparks conversations, trigger emotions and carries a strong social currency value!

Even though we consider ourselves logical and modern human beings, the majority of our decisions are made by the ancient, instinctive subconscious part of our brains, sometimes referred to as our “reptilian brain”. Emotional branding is the practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. Coca-cola would never have been the reason for laughter without its emotional connection with the public, Apple would never have been so successful in accomplishing a loyal niche of its consumers without serving adequate quality. Every brand has its own story of brand recognition and performance marketing to compose an optimized user experience.

Meraki & Co. here shapes how a brand is perceived by its users. Incepted and ensued by a woman leaving her full-fledged dazzling job disbursing rich salary amid the COVID pandemic, she has helped over 50 brands in the period of just one year. Founder says, “when a business is viewed as a recognizable, well-reputed brand, its credibility increases amongst its customers as well as the industry”. Pursuing the same approach in mind she introduced Meraki to the market solely independent of offering digitally focused marketing solutions. Her aim was driven to arrange a 360-degrees creatively driven and digitally focused marketing agency.

Consumer’s habits and demands have been altered, preliminary the pandemic, they have become more self-sufficient and enthusiastic to attain digital trends, Vidya knew at the time, how to sound loud for the brands to escalate their online presence and visibility by associating them to their right customer. She built Meraki fixating on every touch connecting to its customer. She thoroughly studied persuasive marketing techniques: ethos, pathos, and logos, calculated the hierarchy of needs, adopted colour psychologies to create a sense of connection. Meraki engages its audiences and builds a relationship with them, which translates into a remarkable increase in customer lifetime value and retention. Vidya believes, “Consumers are more inclined to choose brands which they recognize abstractedly, and a brand’s presence in the digital arena concedes to nurture its potential consumers”.

Meraki genuinely connects with its customer and provides what needs to be different and stand out from the rest of the brands creating a unique, authentic, and original mutual understanding. Trying to build a solid brand identity by creating a visual synergy that appeals to its target audience by creating better, personalized, and targeted marketing campaigns resulting in higher ROI than any other average marketing campaign. Vidya says, “Positive peer-review is one of the greatest assets for a company working on its marketing actions as the audience abides best brand ambassador”.

Not only the technicalities make a brand successful but also the emotions that associates with them forever, and here we put profound affection for the brands and help them create an opportune brand’s image that ensures making it more empathetic, akin, and lucrative, says Vidya.

Meraki, as the name suggests, the team puts their creative soul in whatever they do, holding the emotions with their brands and personalizing the interactions through focused visuals.

The Internet is continuously growing and evolving. That means it’s going to be more difficult to be found by your audience. It’s getting more competitive too, which means you’re going to have to up your game if you want to succeed.

Meraki & Co. creates a unique, contemporary campaign to drive your business, launch new work, or find a better way to connect with your audience. They understand that not all of the clients will have the same needs, but that’s where they stand out from the crowd by tailoring the services as per client’s requirements.

Good stories are those which impacts our emotions and help us feel empathy towards the brand, we generate the emotions by storytelling and strikes the subconscious part of brains, says the founder.


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