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Dr Musharraf Ahmed Khan

Meet Dr Musharraf Ahmed Khan, turning people’s lives positively through the power of knowledge and education.

A close look around us will let us know how many parts of the world still struggle with a lack of education and proper knowledge. For years, we have been told that knowledge is power and that gaining education is a must for every individual in this world for us to become responsible and learned individuals of our society. Unfortunately, many years back, people, especially from backward communities, couldn’t gain the education they needed or required and that’s when a ray of good hope entered in the form of ‘The Khatibi Service Society’. Established in 1966, it had the sole objective to start a group of educational institutions for providing training to teachers, the pillars of our country that provide good education to people. This led the society to come up with technical education and professional courses so that the candidate lead their family and contribute to the nation by serving in various technical fields and teaching jobs.

Dr Musharraf Ahmed Khan is today the man who has made great headlines for being the founder of this society, who has been working around relentlessly, taking inspiration from his educationist father, Shri Mohammad Ismail Khan, to help people deprived of obtaining the technical, professional and higher education at Al Khateeb Group of Educational Institution under the umbrella of The Khatibi Service Society.

With active guidance from his father to help backward communities get quality education, Dr Musharraf Ahmed Khan took a step forward and initiated The Al Khateeb Polytechnic Institution, recognized and affiliated by the Government of India AICTE, and the Government of Karnataka, Department of Technical Education, Bengaluru. The institution has only grown each year and, through their robust courses, have helped students get employed in the country as well as in abroad.

Over the years, Dr Musharraf Ahmed Khan has endlessly put his efforts into turning the country more educative, focusing on providing candidates with modern infrastructure facilities and, of course, quality education. Coming from a minority community and still going ahead in building an empire in education with the genuine intention to provide great knowledge to people, providing them with Educational, Technical and Training Courses have helped him break barriers. It also shows his compassionate nature, strong resolve and determination in building a greater future for our country through the power of education.

Going further, Dr Musharraf Ahmed Khan, for providing quality education to aspiring teachers, came up with a Teachers Training Course, which presently is called a Diploma in Education. D.Ed., and also Nursery Teachers Training. Dr Musharraf Ahmed Khan’s work thus far in his career has also been recognized in the Education Summits/Conference/Seminars, where he has also been elected as the Best Academician and have earned other Awards from various Sectors.

Currently, the inspirational man is working towards short term courses and training to provide more opportunities to the youth, for them to get employed in the country and overseas.


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