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Komedy & Kavis: an hour full of fun, laughter, poetry & satire!

Miran Production presents,“Komedy & Kavis”. An hour full of fun, laughter, poetry & satire. A show coming in Delhi on 15th of July that promises to enthrall.

Komedy and Kavis, Indias renowned Kavis as they take on various issues like marriage, politics, social media etc in their own wacky, comical way. Surinder Sharma and Sunil Jogi will be bringing the house down with their hilarious verses. The two of the best names in the industry, as they make you laugh, in a different genre.

Well, Surinder Sharma is well known for- comic sketches of himself and his wife. He is famous for his “chaar lainaa suna rayo hoon” and the poker-faced alter ago, which he uses while performing.

And Sunil Jogi, also a Padma Shree is an author and poet famous for his comic verses. He is well known for his distinctive style of narration. Sunil Jogi is the chairman of Hindustani Academy, a post holding the rank of a Minister of State in the Government of Uttar Pradesh. He is the author of over 75 books. Jogi was honored by the Government of India in 2015 with Padma Shri, the fourth highest Indian civilian award.

“Komedy & Kavis” Produced by Sujata Soni Bali, founder of Miran Productions.


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