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‘Jijaji bane Elaichi ke Saiyaaji’ AGAIN on Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain
Elaichi and Pancham from Sony SAB's Jijaji Chhat Per Hain

‘Jijaji bane Elaichi ke Saiyaaji’ AGAIN on Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain


Finally, Murari gets Elaichi and Pancham married

The moment that you have been waiting for is here. Wedding bells are finally ringing but this time with Murari’s consent.Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain will soon witness Murari(Anup Upadhyay) – Elaichi’s father, approving of Pancham(Nikhil Khurana) to be Elaichi’s husband. The mischievous couple, Elaichi(Hiba Nawab) and Pancham will be tying knot with Murari’s blessing. The show has consistently delivered their promise of entertaining viewers with light-hearted comedy with a blend Elaichi’s mischief and Pancham’s innocence. The upcoming episodes will witness the beautiful yet comical alliance between the couple unfold but with a little twist.

Murari who has always been after finding the perfect partner for Elaichi is dumbstruck when his Guruji pays him a visit, he leaves Murari with a shocking news. Murari is informed about a ‘Dosh’ in Elaichi’s marriage and the only way Elaichi can be saved from it, is by marrying someone really poor. Elaichi after overhearing Guruji’s prediction, informs Pancham about this golden opportunity and starts scheming to make Pancham the perfect candidate in front Murari for the marriage. In a hilarious turn of events, Pancham invites Murari for a meager dinner of ‘roti’ and ‘paani’ to prove that he is poor while Elaichi leverages this moment and convinces Murari to choose Pancham to be the perfect poor groom. Murari agrees to choose Pancham thinking it will be easy to get rid of him later.

To ab baat pakki samjhe? Ya nahi?

Anup Upadhyay, playing the role of Murari said,“Murari will do anything to protect his daughter and give her a bright future. Although he has agreed to the marriage but what are his intentions, the episodes further will disclose. The upcoming episodes are hilarious and our viewers are bound to enjoy them. So keep watching Jijaji Chhat Per Hain to know how Elaichi convinces Murari for the marriage and the events that will unfold.”

Hiba Nawab, playing the role of Elaichi said,“Elaichi is thrilled as she is getting married to Pancham again with Murari’s permission but how will things turn out for them only the upcoming episodes will reveal. I enjoyed shooting for this storyline as I again got an opportunity to get into a bridal attire. The episodes further brings a hilarious and an exciting spin to the show. So stay tuned.”

Join the celebration at the Bansal household and watch this beautiful alliance come to life on Jijaji Chhat Per Hain every Monday – Friday at 9:30 pm only on Sony SAB


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