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How Karnataka loss has cleared victory path for Modi in 2019 ?

How Karnataka loss has cleared victory path for Modi in 2019 ?

Superstitions are superfluous. While most people backed the BJP to get a simple majority in the state of Karnataka, the mandate wasn’t a decisive one. It was expected that the ‘secular’ parties would team up, although the mainstream media (as always) predicted otherwise.

News channels were running shows on how the ‘Karnataka winning jinx’ could dethrone Modi in 2019 (i.e. only if the BJP won). There were also talks about a certain ‘royal clown’ taking over as PM in 2019.

1989: The Congress which lost power at the Centre, regained its lost momentum in Karnataka. They won 178 of the 224 assembly seats, while JDS failed to secrete the secular glands.

1994: Congress had already wrested power at the Centre. However, Karnataka was happy to experiment again. HD Deve Gowda led the JDS to a resounding victory and quashed all hopes of the Congress to regain power in the state.

1999: The Atal Behari Vajpayee led NDA government was in power at the Centre. This didn’t help the BJP to improve its stakes in Karnataka as they lost the state. The Congress was back in power in Karnataka winning 132 out of 224 seats. Even in the Lok Sabha elections which they lost, they won 18 out of 28 seats in Karnataka.

2004: UPA emerged as the winner, while the NDA lost out at the Centre. But in the state of Karnataka, the BJP dominated winning 18 Lok Sabha seats. They emerged as the single largest party in the state assembly elections too, with 78 seats. The Congress & the JDS united to keep the BJP out of power in the state.

2008: The BJP led by BS Yeddyurappa formed the government for the very first time in Karnataka. A year later when the Lok Sabha Elections were held, the UPA was back in power for a second successive term at the Centre.

2013: The Congress led by Siddaramaiah formed the government in Karnataka. One year later the Congress was reduced to 44 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, while the BJP, riding on the ‘Modi wave’ won 282 seats and formed their government at the Centre.

2018: No decisive mandate. 2 secular parties benefit after a lot of political drama. One year later, let’s hope the jinx is alive.

Statutory Warning: The Jinx applies to only those political parties that believe in ‘Harvard’ not hard work



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