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HFCL Targets the World of Infinite Possibilities with launch of its Indigenously developed, Made in India Wireless Connectivity Solution to facilitate stronger Wi-Fi networks

HFCL Targets the World of Infinite Possibilities with launch of its Indigenously developed, Made in India Wireless Connectivity Solution to facilitate stronger Wi-Fi networks

HFCL, a renowned and trusted manufacturer of telecom equipment, optical fiber cables, system integrator and end-to-end telecom infrastructure provider, today announced the launch of Next Generation Wi-Fi Technology products and solutions under its Brand – IO that shall meet the enormous global and Indian Wi-Fi network demand. IO Networks are globally benchmarked with features of Next-Gen technologies across all products that include Access Points (AP), Unlicensed Band Radio (UBR), Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), Element Management System (EMS), Cloud Network Management System (CNMS).

Speaking on the launch of IO Networks, Mr. Mahendra Nahata, the Managing Director stated that “The world is in the middle of a new connected order, where technology is changing the way we interact, consume and share knowledge. Being connected in real-time is a necessity and data efficient solutions are the need of the hour.” He added that “IO Networks will take us forward as a technology enterprise. We have always prided ourselves in being able to provide cost-effective, futuristic end-to-end telecom solutions to our customers and IO Networks takes this commitment further by providing intelligent product solutions for an ever increasing Wi-Fi market demand. We have invested tremendous human intelligence from an R&D standpoint in making IO Networks a brand to reckon with in the Wi-Fi product category space and we are certain it will bridge the gap that currently exists in the market and create infinite possibilities for our customers.”

IO is a platform that aims to bring in efficiency and intelligence to mobility and assist global citizens to use the most advanced Wi-Fi technology products & solutions while keeping a sharp focus on security and safety.

The complete network solution is based on latest and upcoming international standards as a results of the Company’s own R&D initiatives which have fully designed, developed and manufactured the solution in India with full IPR ownership residing with the Company in India. The entire portfolio of products is designed to be world-class and ready to compete with global brands. All these products are extremely power efficient and fully compliant with the Policy for Preferential Market Access (PMA) of the Government of India.

Mr. Jitendra Chaudhary, President – Business Development, added “We are excited about the launch as we understand the need of the market and the growth potential it offers. India with its strong focus on Make in India and Digital India, is entering the next phase of growth, and with IO Networks we are placed at a point in time to maximize this potential. IO Networks is our answer to a reliant Wi-Fi technology that will provide intelligent data utilization and drive last mile connectivity in the country.”

About IO

IO is the acronym for Input-Output. The logo has been inspired from “Mathematics – the language of the universe,” and the identity is custom designed to clearly indicate the brand name- IO with symbolic juxtaposition of the Infinity symbol inspired from the Latin word – Infinitas meaning “unboundedness”. With the brand positioning statement “Infinite Possibilities,” IO is a platform to bring in efficiency and intelligence to mobility and assist global citizens to use highly evolved Wi-Fi technology products and solutions. It is connectivity that betters lives via limitless opportunities and with IO, the possibilities to be effective and efficient wherever you go is infinite. With a customer centric approach that weaves together a smart and secure environment for all businesses, we as IO create infinite possibilities for our customers. IO not only offers Infinite Possibilities through Inputs and Outputs, it also signifies the binary “1” and “0” of the digital world.

Highlights of the new product line-up:

Access Points

IO carrier-grade Access Points (APs) are uniquely designed for high performance, next generation networks, providing high capacity for mission critical and data-intensive applications. The Access Points support MU-MIMO, providing simultaneous data transmission to multiple devices, maximizing data throughput and improving network efficiency. IO Access Points provide advanced location and indoor wayfinding and proximity-based push notification capabilities, enabling businesses to leverage mobility context to develop applications that deliver an enhanced user experience and increased value.

All IO Access Points are software configurable to operate either Standalone; using hardware based Controller and EMS; or using cloud based management platform.

Unlicensed Band Radio

IO Unlicensed Band Radios (UBR) are feature rich, low cost devices designed to support highest capacity carrier class operation in unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum for mid to long-range backhaul application. IO UBRs serves both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint link use cases, support modulation up to 256 QAM and both IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols. With IP67 rated rugged design, the devices can be deployed in harshest of conditions, with flexibility of both 1+0 and 1+1 deployment scenarios.

Wireless LAN Controller

IO Wireless LAN Controller (iCon8000) is designed to configure, control and monitor all the Access Points in any network. The iCon8000 is a highly scalable, service-rich, resilient and flexible platform, enabling mission-critical, next-generation wireless networks. With Virtual Machine (VM) based modular architecture, iCon8000 can manage up to 100,000 APs and up to 2.5 million clients from a single chassis. The iCon8000 can be integrated with external DHCP, AAA, Captive Portal, Security, Firewall and Big Data analytics applications.

Element Management System

IO Element Management System (iEon) is a smart, secure and scalable application suite which offers comprehensive set of network management tools that are easily accessible from a client workstation with a web browser. iEon has full FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) implementation for management of all network elements. It has the flexibility to run on any off the shelf carrier grade x86 server and has backup and restore functionality.

Cloud Network Management System

IO Cloud Network Management System (iCon) combines the functionality of Wireless LAN Controller and Element Management System, and removes the need for physical hardware. iCon enables plug-and-play deployments and offers massive scalability with practically no limit on number of Access Points and clients supported. Its VM based modular architecture makes it suitable for any cloud deployment, be it existing cloud infrastructure or a hybrid cloud mode.


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