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Exclusive: Meet Sunil deodhar, the man who hoisted BJP’s victory flag in Tripura
Tripura BJP Incharge Sunil Deodhar (Image: Facebook/Deodhar.Sunil)

Exclusive: Meet Sunil deodhar, the man who hoisted BJP’s victory flag in Tripura

Postman News had an opportunity to get the exclusive interview from Sunil Deodhar, the man who has led the BJP to victory against one of the oldest hubs of communism in India.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, Sunil Deodhar was also appointed as the campaign manager to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency of Varanasi.

Read the Interview below:

What were the challenges that you faced in Tripura for rallies and RSS related works?

First thing is that I was not working there as an RSS Activist; I was in charge of BJP Tripura and member of National Executive Committee of BJP. I was working there for last three and a half years officially as state in-charge of BJP.
There were several challenges, like:
1) The CPI-M, wherever they rule, create two classes of people – one belonging to Communist party and the rest who don’t belong to the Communist party. One cannot be neutral – if one is neutral then the person is branded as anti-communist. That is why the methodology and behaviour applied to the opponents are also applied to people who are neutral that is why people who are neutral or ‘aam aadmi’ must be either in CPI-M or a member of another political party. One cannot be neutral in a communist ruled state; that is why the voting percentage every year in Tripura is beyond 90%. Previously it was due to booth capturing etc., but this time even it is around 90% for people are political. And to grow and build a party in an atmosphere of extreme terror was very difficult task for our party workers and me.

2) Maximum people who joined us belonged to the Congress party, and the Congress of Tripura is not like Congress in other states. Since they didn’t belong to the Communist party or disagreed with the thoughts of Marxism, they were with Congress due to the of absence of BJP in Tripura. They were Anti-Communists in the Congress party. They are staunch Nationalists; Even many people those who belong to the Communist party are Nationalists but because of their usual bread and butter, they used to associate themselves with CPI-M or Marxism and carried the Red flag. Training them was one of the most important issues. When the people came from the Congress party, they were trained about BJP’s ideology and style of working and our organisational discipline. People also joined in from the Trinamool Congress; in the last 6-7 months more than fifty thousand CPI-M cadre has joined the BJP.

3) To raise political agitations and speak strongly against the Communist party and to break the illusion of Manik Sarkar’s ‘down-to-earth’ image.

It is also said that, ‘The BJP has managed to get people from Congress and Trinamool and other parties and they don’t have actual BJP Cadre in Tripura?
We were there to do politics; the first thing is to defeat CPI-M because it is a totally Anti National party and if you have seen my recent tweets, after 25 years, the national anthem was sung in the assembly house for the first time. There is no routine tradition of singing national anthem in the state assemblies, but when the Governor comes for a speech, right before he starts, the National anthem is played and usually there is national anthem or Vande Mataram at the concluding session in other assemblies. It was there when the Congress ruled i.e. 1987-1993. Even during Independence Day and Republic Day one cannot see the Tricolor hoisted on more than 2000 offices of CPM throughout the state and if there is a Tricolor, it would be put on lower level to the Communist Party’s Red flag.
This was the state of affairs in a sensitive state like Tripura, a border state having more than 80% border with Bangladesh, a safe haven for terrorists now arrested, who are known to be the masterminds behind major terror incidents. Tripura was supposed to be a safe corridor for Terrorists to go to Bangladesh. Therefore, it was very important for us to win that state and finish the Communist party there, for which we resorted to saam daam dand bhed. For if we would have built a party there it would have taken us more than 10 years to do so which means the state would have converted to a graveyard by then.

Looking at the tweets, you have tweeted to the young CM of Tripura that they should clean the septic tank of Manik Sarkar’s former residence, will your government conduct such enquiries in the cases or you suggest the government to go ahead?
Obviously, I have suggested to clean the septic tanks, once I have made it public it means that obviously precaution is to be taken and whatever has happened in the past, it should be investigated.

There are cases of people from BJP or those who were Anti CPI-M, who were killed during the Manik Sarkar regime, so are there any plans to open up those cases for investigation?
11 murders of BJP activists will be immediately investigated then. Two journalists were killed, Shantik Bhoumik and Sudeepdatt Bhoumik, and at that time the group of journalists demanded a CBI inquiry and the BJP supported and assured them during the election campaign that whenever we come to power, we will approve a CBI inquiry in the very first cabinet, and it has been fulfilled.

The BJP has announced that it has restricted the membership drive in Tripura for 6 months. What are the main reasons behind it?
For the last few years, Tripura had been topping the country in crimes, with the highest crime rates and the lowest conviction rates. These crimes were committed by CPI-M cadre and to save them, Manik Sarkar kept protecting them from conviction. That is why before taking any person who directly join the party a form is filled up to investigate if the person was clean and if found so then that person is given entry in BJP.

What do you think is the immediate priority of the BJP Government in Tripura?
Number One is improving the Law and Order. Number Two is Good Governance, with zero tolerance for Corruption, and the Third is creation of jobs and income sources.

How you think that Modi government’s role in the centre has helped you in winning the Tripura elections?
Obviously, the excellent performance of Modi Government was a boon for us. For the first time in the history of Tripura, in a span of 3 years, 52 ministers visited the state. Compare this from the time since independence till 2014, when even half of this number didn’t visit the state. Second, every minister delivered something for the state, be it schemes or funds or something for the betterment of the state. For example, Suresh Prabhu visited once, Manoj Sinha visited twice, Rajen Guha visited twice; they all are reputed ministers. Piyush Goyal is yet to visit Tripura but all others have visited. Narendra Modi visited Tripura on 3rd November 2015 and assured that within 2 years he will get Tripura connected with Broad Gauge Railway Line and the alternative railway line survey is going on. Five Hundred Crore Rupees have been given to convert the regional Airport into an International Airport. The work is progressing at a breakneck speed. There was only one highway in past and now Nitin Gadkari Ji has declared Five Highways. Communication towers have been set up, and the state boasts of a high number of poor beneficiaries of the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna, Pradhan Matri Mudra Bank yojna.

Do you think the induction or the joining of Hemant Biswa in the North East has helped you in winning the North-East elections?
Obviously, he is a very experienced politician and he knows the psychology of tribals and non-tribals of the North East. Him taking charge as NEDA chairman has definitely helped a lot in forming NDA Governments in Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. His contribution in Tripura elections will always be remembered.

As Amit Shah, the National President of the BJP has told said that the Golden Period of the BJP will come when we will win the Bengal, Kerala and Odisha elections. Do you think Tripura win will directly help in the Kerala elections, against CPI-M?
In Bengal there is no CPI-M. CPI-M has now taken a new avatar in the form of Mamta Banerjee but the morale of BJP activists has become so high that they believe that they can win against CPI-M as Tripura was the very first fight of the Leftists and Rightists at the state level.

What do you think about the new avatar of Rahul Gandhi, being so much active on social media and visiting Karnataka temples?
His activities are a source of great entertainment. Nobody takes him seriously.

After winning Tripura, after Amit Shah, suddenly people in BJP are saying that you are the next Chanakya of North East region and that you are making good and straightforward strategies, would you want to react to this?
These are unwanted comments and perceptions that I disagree with. I am a karyakarta, a ground level activist. I work hard at the ground level, that’s my strength and I will continue in this role forever.

Recently SP leader, Naresh Aggarwal has joined the BJP and made some comments about Jaya Bacchan. Do you think people who are joining from other parties should be cautious about their speech when they join the party or they should be an advisory issued to them?
Definitely, they should be cautious about the culture of BJP.

What are your plans? How are looking at 2019 elections?
This answer will be given by Amit Bhai Shah Ji.

Any message for our readers?
Help us win 2019 General Elections!


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