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Electronic Media: Bar Pakistani Panelists
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Electronic Media: Bar Pakistani Panelists

India is the world’s largest democracy and Pakistan is the world’s largest autocracy. India-Pakistan stories sell…like hell! Controversy is publicity’s favorite child. From movies to sports, Indo-Pak encounters are always exciting. There’s no comparison between the two countries, as there is a ‘Zameen-Asman’ like difference between the 2 nations. India has ‘wings of fire’ while Pakistan cannot get past ‘burning tires’.

‘Fixistan’ as I call the nation, is fixated with projecting itself as the perfect, democratic, peace-loving and God-fearing nation. When Pakistani panelists are on Indian debate shows, I feel as helpless as an ordinary English-speaking citizen trying to decode Shashi Tharoor’s intrepid diction. If the Indian panel is being represented by veterans from the Indian Army, they give it back to the Pakistanis in the language they understand. But, why in the first case should these cowards be allowed (to first get paid) and then come and speak ill about our own Army and Government.

I don’t blame the Pakistani panelists completely. They’re getting paid to make fun of us. I mean, who wouldn’t want such a job. Most importantly, even if the Pakistani panelists wanted to accept some of their vulnerabilities, they wouldn’t. They would be hacked to death and their own media wouldn’t be allowed to cover their death stories (just in case some of the Pakistani panelists ever mustered the courage to go against their land).

The channels want to get the highest TRPs and that’s the reason for the desperation from our side, to invite panelists from the rogue-nation. Some of our news anchors don’t mind getting hammered, as long as the ads keep coming. I stopped watching television debates a long time back and I personally feel that Indo-Pak news debates don’t deserve our time and energy. There are Indian panelists like Colonel RSN Singh, Sushant Sareen, Major General GD Bakshi, Major Gaurav Arya, G Parthasarthy, Maroof Raza and many more experts from whom we can learn a lot, but I would rather prefer to read their books or articles than watching them on TV debates.

These great men have so much to give and there’s no doubt that we can learn so much from them. I wouldn’t miss a second if these intellectuals were addressing the common Indian viewer directly. But, why waste time on a nation that prefers a destructive monologue over a peacekeeping dialogue.


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