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Domiciliary Convalescent Nutritional Care of the patients irrespective of the Age.
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Domiciliary Convalescent Nutritional Care of the patients irrespective of the Age.

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art – Hippocrates.

The research is all about the convalescence of the patients getting discharged from the hospital.

The patients when get discharged from the hospital are been guided with hundred instructions of medications and all but when it comes to nutrition, patients are always confused with their diet and consumption of food thus leading to the misconception or myth related diets.

This research was to create a sphere of knowledge among patients and their attendants about the food and its consumption to have the early recovery and recuperation.

The locale used for the research was Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi.

The discharged patients from the hospital were visited fortnightly for the six months thus knowing their taste, lifestyle, eating habits, food patterns, mood and the most important keeping in mind their diagnosis.

It was really very tough with few patients due to their mood swings, less acceptance to new thing but well,I won out of the situation making them recover.

The Biochemical Parameters,The Appetite,The Uneasiness to digest food & The most important diagnose related diet was been calculated and planned

The patients in the research were observed with the help of several tools used :

  • 24-hour Dietary Recall
  • Food Frequency Method
  • Questionnaire
  • Data Analysis
  • Observation Method

After that the tables were created for the research work under results and discussions.

Every single patient was given Diet counselling,Nutritional advise,Psychological Counselling too whenever required.

For each one of them, the diet plan was planned, calculated, customised, tailor made everyday with no helping hand or any other dietitian involved. I wanted to do it myself to see the results,But yes the diet plans which were customised according to the diagnose of the patient was quiet different and the miscellaneous of many diets altogether thus leading it to make one of its own everyday.

So, changing diets couldn’t be given any name everyday in addition to it on the contrast Dr.Harsha Jauhari, B.C.Roy Awardee(Senior Transplant Surgeon of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) guided and coined two terms, One for the customised diet which was coined as “Comprehensive Convalescent Diet” & second one “Hyper-Catabolic State”.

In which the patients are after discharge.

The two words are dedicated to him and are his brainchild.

I thank him for his contribution for making the research a successful venture.

The Research has been submitted to Dr.Vasanta Kohli Ph.d,RD(Consultant Dietitian in Therapeutics and Nutrition from SKIMS Kashmir & GMC Jammu)

I wish upcoming nutritionists/dietitians to have an authentic degrees and then practice it.

Research in this field is really an interesting segment for learning new things in every single step.

Moreover, I request to the audience that whenever you are seeking dietary advises make it sure that it comes from the dietitian either working in hospital or has retired from the one as she/he will only be able to work out on your biochemical parameters which a normal Google searchers can’t afford to 😊

We are starting a course also on the same research for nutritionist which will be taking place in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.


About Dt. Sharanjeet Kour Sodhi

Dt. Sharanjeet Kour Sodhi
Dt. Sharanjeet Kour Sodhi is a Dietitian Consultant & Nutritional Speaker. She is Consultant Dietitian at Reach Out - An initiative of Sir Ganga Ram Trust Society, New Delhi. She delivers guests lectures at various schools, colleges and government institutions like IRCTC, DPS Schools, etc.. Can be reached at [email protected]

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