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Delhi Youth Entrepreneur launches StartUp focusing on Public hygiene

Delhi Youth Entrepreneur launches StartUp focusing on Public hygiene

The famous American author John Maxwell has rightly said, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Entrepreneur Aseem Gupta resolved to bring about change and decided to grow as well.

Aseem Gupta is the founder of Hyklin Hygiene and Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The company is focussed on improving the hygiene and safety standards of public conveniences including offices, railway stations, bus depots, city roadside restrooms etc. while also cutting the cost-in-use by removing inefficiencies, wastage etc. The company endeavours to being abut this change by introducing in the market, innovative new products.

Interestingly, the company will also be providing hygienic and efficient organic wipes & replace ‘wet wipes’ with the ‘dhoti’ a traditionally used cloth in India, to wipe various stains, grease and dust off surfaces. This will provide organisations with the option of storage optimisation, thereby, saving resources on space that can be utilised for other useful purposes.

Hyklin Hygiene and Safety Solutions has also undertaken the mission to tackle UTI, which is one of the leading causes of sick leaves amongst the female work force in our country. HHSS aims to address this and work towards a solution. One percent of increase in hygiene decreases the national expenditure on healthcare by 6-7 percent. Hygiene and safety have become even more imperative with the on spread of a pandemic like corona virus.

The Moore School of Business alumnus shares his vision, “We wish to change the hygiene landscape of the nation, by providing affordable and latest hygiene and safety products to mass consumers across all financial brackets. Consumers will be provided with a wide range of hygiene and safety products in affordable rates. HHSS will enable consumers to recognise and take care of neglected hygiene needs – this is a field that is neglected hugely.” This passion is beautifully coupled with Aseem’s enviable business acumen.

With the aim of greater welfare in sight, after establishing himself in the Hygiene and Safety segment, Aseem Gupta aims to foray into the the field of manufacturing Personnel Protective Equipments (PPE’s) like Safety Helmets, Gloves, Protection, High Visibility Clothing and Safety Harness.

Aseem Gupta articulates his vision for HHSS, “today, Indian consumers demand sophisticated products and services found in the West, but at lower prices. From the rate of a simple telephone call, to finding the right solution for hygiene needs, the Indian customer is keen to get superior quality at a good value proposition. Owing to this growing need of superior and good quality products, the hygiene industry has thus become the perfect amalgamation of the two strongest visions of the current Govt.: ‘Swatch Bharath Mission’ and ‘Make in India’ ”.

Institutional sales and female empowerment will be the two wheels that drive Hykiln Hygiene and Safety Solutions to the path of great success and recognition.

HHSS prides itself as a provider of maximum employment opportunities for women. About 70% of Hyklin’s work force comprises of women, who are employed as helpers, machine operators and work force in the packaging department. The company intends to expand its female work force and provide more opportunities for the women in our country.

Hyklin Hygiene and Safety Solutions may well be the game changer this country needs. Aseem Gupta may be the change maker we are looking up to. Shall we say, “The World Is Waiting.”


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