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Davion Robinson, quick rise to social media fame and his success on and off the floor!

Davion Robinson, quick rise to social media fame and his success on and off the floor!

Davion Robinson has overcome many obstacles and battles as a child growing up without a father, in a one-parent household. Davion recalls the negativity felt when expressing his goals and aspirations with fellow friends, family, and teammates. He decided to let those negatives fuel his fire for success. He continued to work hard, exude self-confidence, and push forward towards his goals without swaying. Davion used negative comments such as “what he cannot become,” to push him to work towards those very goals. Davion also encourages his fellow teammates to just focus on themselves and to become selfish within their journeys. Davion’s main goal is to be recognized as one of the top players in the NAIA division. Davion stopped listening to people who put self-doubt into his dreams and decided to make his dreams a reality.

Q: How did you grow to fame so quick?

A: Just by utilizing my social media, peers and holding myself accountable for getting my name out there in the public eye.

Q: What made you get actively involved in sports?

A: It’s just a passion, a niche I fell for. I fell in love with the grind and process of it all.

Q: You manage your social media well, what makes it so vital in your life?

A: Social media has made my notability skyrocket well. I’ve noticed me being impersonated a lot and things of that nature. But it has brought good and bad attention but nonetheless, attention. I just try to make sure what is being attended to, perceives me well and in my best interest.

Q: What motivates you most to play basketball?

A: My family. I want to be the first in my immediate family to take sports to a career path. I want to take care of my people and be the one everyone looks to. I was made for that pressure and I’m ready for it.

Q: Being you’re now a college basketball player, what’s advice you’d give?

A: Take care of your body. If you don’t do that, your body won’t take care of you. Also watch what you post, people are looking and eyes are everywhere.

Q: What are your OFFICIAL social media accounts so people can find you, contact you and hopefully so you can get blue checks?

A: I have an Instagram that hopefully can get verified soon! The handle is @5drob . That is my only social media. Hopefully I get the blue check, I’m notable enough at this point right?

Q: Anything new we should expect from you?

A: I just plan to focus on my performance on and off the floor. In the classroom and in my community. I plan to continue holding myself accountable for my social media as well. I do have some special things in store as the process continues. But if we’re talking social media specifically, just a Day In The Life segment that’s coming soon to YouTube and getting my social media verified.

Q: Last question, how’s the season going with the team? Any people you want to highlight?

A: Our program is getting off to a good start in my opinion. I’ve been able to watch great things happen and try to model my efforts and work ethic and energy after a few. Some to name would be Kamal Holden and Ronnie Rousseau. I see what they do daily that has worked for them and gotten them success as far as performance and it actually has been a key motivator for me. I’ve been getting extra work in consistently for the past 3-4 weeks with a guy named Kemba who’s knowledgeable and has helped me improve my mentality. But those two players there are special talents and that’s just a couple, we have a team full of talent!

Q: What school is it that you go to again? Located where? And what division for the audience?

A: University of Antelope Valley. California. NAIA.

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