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Cricket Dev - In an Exclusive conversation with the legendary Cricketer Kapil Dev

Cricket Dev – In an Exclusive conversation with the legendary Cricketer Kapil Dev

The hero of 1983 cricket world cup, the champion himself and none other than the man behind a successful game the International front. The enticing power of a thrilling game and zesty audience captivated by the moves of this man. The celebrated hero from the history of Indian Cricket. The star of the match was recently at the Golfing Nation Championship. Here are some excerpts from the conversation.

On asked about his feelings ‘Golfing Nation Championship’ and Golfing Nation as a company. His prompt reply came that it is basically a new culture more than anything else and the only good part one could say is Corporate world is ready to play the game. As long as corporate people come out and play, they become sports minded and that make all the difference. Because at the end of the day we expect the corporate to come in. They spend the money which one can’t expect the government and other people. But I think corporate should take the responsibility and say that we are ready to invest the money in sports. In general he is talking about golf, cricket or football or anything. And it is good to see that.



Cricket Dev - In an Exclusive conversation with the legendary Cricketer Kapil Dev


He also cleared the air around the much talked about issue of golfing as a sport in India and if could any day be like cricket in India. On this very meticulously he answered that he thinks it’s the most important thing if last ten years the golfer of India has done something internationally because we as a nation are starting getting the facilities. He thinks India produce so many doctors, engineers and scientists or computer experts because of the facilities for their development. Now in last fifteen year there have been so many golf courses coming in where young boys go and get a chance to play and therefore we see all the difference. So he still feels that we need more driving range. More corporate should come out and say let’s have nine hole golf. If people come out and play we will produce more golfers.

Further talking about the growing participation of cricketers amongst golfing tournaments he puts that it’s a lot about the hand eye coordination which needs to strike and this is what is common between the two sports. Also on his choice between cricket and golf, he chooses golf as he feels in cricket there is little scope for mixing with people apart from one’s own team but Golf is one thing which is good is that he can play with anyone. Every day he can play with different people. In cricket it never happens. So it’s good to make new friends and that’s the best art about golf as he feels.

Taking on the conversation ahead about his choice of sport and the start. He says that, ‘There is nothing.’ He thinks just when he stopped playing cricket he just felt in love with the views and greens on field. About 20 cricket grounds can come into it. So that’s what gave him a little bit more love for the game. He left cricket, one part of the green and started on to the other part of the green.

Lastly on being asked about his opinion on golf if ever making to international tournaments like cricket he thinks that if the corporate world comes out, the money comes out. Internationally there is so much money itself. Still there very few companies sponsor. We never see Pepsi, coke. If these type of people come and sponsor that because every sponsor look for their kind of people, where they can get the benefit of that. But this is still not for the masses. It still haven’t reached there. He think until and unless we produce world champion then we can have them.

Ending our conversation with this still young at heart Indian we basked into the joy of having a cup of coffee with the legend and carried all what came as a surprise into the conversation.


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