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Chai pe charcha with Tajinder Bagga

Chai pe charcha with Tajinder Bagga

Postman News presents interaction with Delhi BJP’s spokesperson Shri Tajinder Bagga. He is a well known social media personality and a grass root worker of BJP. We had a detailed interaction with him , the same is provided here for the pleasure of reading of our readers.


PN: Congratulations for being appointed as Delhi BJP spokesperson, tell us about your journey from a ground level volunteer in online and real platforms to present day role?

TPSB: When I was 4 years old, I started going to RSS Shakha with my father. I remember I was 8 years old it was August 1993 Delhi Assembly election, I used to go with my father for attending party camp, used to participate in small activities like pasting party stickers etc. and did all the ground level activities with full excitement.
When I turned 18, I got the first responsibility of party at block level which is the smallest level, Slowly after looking at my hard work I was given responsibilities for Khyala mandal area, and from there on district level responsibilities were bestowed upon me.

In 2005, I had an opportunity to be the member of the BJP Youth National Executive and I held that till 2010. From 2010 I did a lot of ground level work for Mission 2014. Now I have been bestowed the responsibility for party’s spokesperson for Delhi State.

PN: When did you made your first mark in social media?

TPSB: I was active on Social media platforms since the time of ORKUT. I did not had a computer at home, so used to go to cyber cafés to create various social media campaigns on Orkut by making new communities and registering Online protests on various issues.
I remember, it was in 2009 elections, when congress awarded tickets to Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar, we did a massive social media protest campaining against them which gained a large support from online users.

PN: Will we get to see the same straight forward, active at grass root level Tajinder Bagga now or more diplomatic and politically correct leader?

TPSB: I think I am the same person inside and out, rest people can judge and tell me, it’s always good to get feedback and improve. I guess I am working with same level of dedication throughout and party has always recognised the same and bestowed this responsibility upon me, I will continue to work in my usual way.

PN: You are still a very young leader in Delhi BJP , What are your aims and target to achieve in Delhi?

TPSB: Our target right now is to serve the people of Delhi which has seen the betrayal by the Kejriwal Govt. We have seen how Mr. Kejriwal raising to power, getting 67/70 in Delhi Assembly elections on fake promises. It is a step by step program, we have first focussed on MCD Elections and secured peoples mandate.
Delhi voters have been cheated by Mr. Kejriwal as he has focussed only on self and his party promotions using tax payer’s money rather than fulfilling any of his election promises.
So, me and my party in Delhi is solely focussed on exposing Mr. Kejriwal’s non-performance in front of Delhi’s voters and getting Delhi rid of such politicians in next elections and serve the state under BJP Govt. This is our target and we are fully devoted to it.

PN: Opposition always criticise Govt. for Kashmir situation, Do you think present central government is doing the best work against terrorism in Kashmir?

TPSB: Look the Kashmir issue is not a new issue, it started in 1947 when country got freedom and Shri Sardar Patel was tasked to unite the princely states, but then Nehru snatched the said role from him in case of Kashmir and handed over the governance to his friend Mr. Sheikh Abdulllah, and made him Wazir-E-Azam (Prime Minister) of Kashmir. He allowed him to have separate flag and gave him Article 370, to enjoy full autonomy. Our party’s founder Dr. Shyama Prasad gave his life, fighting for rectifying this big mistake!
It’s a 70 years old problem and no govt. can cure it 100%, in a matter of 1-2 or 3 yrs! Having said that measures in right direction, are being taken especially in terms of role of Army in handling the militancy. In this year only, 120+ dreaded terrorist have been eliminated in the valley.
This has been enabled by giving the support to Army which it needs. That is why operations like Surgical Strikes in Myanmar & POK have been made possible. We believe the way Govt. and Indian Army is working in unison, the terrorism problem in Kashmir will be eliminated completely in next 2 -3 years.

On the other hand, we have seen governments in this country whose representatives used to say remove army from Kashmir, have sympathy with terrorists and signed mercy petitions for them, even till date few congress leaders call our Army Chief as ‘Gunda’. So Opposition needs to understand the practical challenges Indian Army faces in eliminating terrorism. They also should clear their stand on whom they are supporting when they criticise Indian Army!

PN: How do you see Israel’s role in helping India to counter terror post PM’s visit to Israel, should we expect greater partnerships?

TPSB: Israel is India’s oldest friend. It is not the first time Israel has stood up for India. In Kargil war, America was not helping us due to nuclear sanctions, it was Israel only who helped India with crucial information about enemy targets. So, Israel is a trusted partner of India and has always been.
PM Modi Ji Visited Israel for a different reason altogether. Modi Ji is is the first Indian PM to visit Israel, who has been a proven friend of India in all desperate times.
He has just reciprocated to the noble friendship of Israel which no PM has done so far in India. As the earlier congress regime use to do the politics of appeasement and feared the loss of vote of a particular religion. Modi Ji has ended up that politics !

PN: What’s your opinion on freedom of speech as every political party has its own definition of it. What do you think the limits of Freedom of speech should be in Bharat?

TPSB: In freedom of speech you have right to criticise the government, right to criticise the PM, right to criticise political parties but you don’t have right to say ‘bharat tere tukde honge’, you don’t have a right to say ‘afzal tere armano ko manzil tak pahunchaenge’ you don’t have right to say ‘Kashmir pakistan ko de do’, if u will say all this, people will protest, will file case against you. If anyone criticise the government than it should be taken as constructive criticism and not be dealt with vendetta.

PN: We all know the impact of Social Media. How you feel, when Indian PM Modi ji’s photo with a snapchat dog filter is circulated over social media and congress leaders and some actors , singers comes out in support of same when AIB is actioned upon it by Local-Police?

TPSB: Politicians should not react on this. It’s Ok if they are doing such silly things, politicians should ignore such acts. Though complaint was not filed by BJP, but was filed by some individual. I think we should not react on this.

PN: PM Modi ji has a dream about Swachh bharat abhiyan, Your Delhi unit President Manoj Tiwari ji said after MCD win, delhi will be garbage free in next 3 months? What work you guys have done over this as situation of delhi still needs a lot of improvement, what are the plans around it ?

TPSB: Last time when our Govt. was there, we made 2 centres for converting solid waste to electricity, this year we have launched the third one. There have been tie ups done for cleaning of urinals, we had arrangements for picking of garbage from home in one zone but now vehicles have been deployed to do the same in all 3 zones. Also we have make a paradigm shift in complaint resolution by launching on social media , people don’t need to visit office and can log complaints on Facebook and the same can be resolved in 24-48 hrs.

PN: There have been many strikes by the sanitation workers in last one year. Delhi faced severe garbage crisis. What’s Bjp delhi unit plan, to check this from happening again?

TPSB: The reason behind this problem is related to how funds are disbursed to MCD. Central Govt. does not allocates funds directly to MCD, instead they allocate it to Delhi Govt. which in turn distributes it to MCD. The Delhi Govt’s budget is of 40000 Cr while MCD’s budget is of 8000 Cr. totalling to 48000 Cr which Centre allocates to Delhi Govt.
Now, Kejriwal Ji deliberately stops the 8000 Cr disbursement which leads to salary issues and people have to go on strikes. Also Congress was afraid of BJP’s consistent performance in MCD elections so they broke the MCD in 3 zones, they did not found any political success through that step but it led to another complication, For example South zone is a posh area, which has greater collection thus there is good sanity maintained there but the east zone is not a posh area, thus less collection leading to low maintenance of cleanliness.
This disparity of funds and work has arisen due to this division. So, we are trying to do 2 things, Asking Centre to give funds directly to MCD so that Kejriwal Ji may not be able to repeat his mischiefs as he has been doing since last 2-3 years. Else you may connect the three MCD so that centralisation of revenue collection and even distribution as needed can be rationalised.

PN: Many at times we see Social media volunteers of right wing getting distracted due to paid news agendas, Being a social media stalwart, what is your advice to the social media volunteers around how to react when govt. is questioned and answer lies in future?

TPSB: I think we have come to power in Centre because of our volunteers only. In 2014 it was social media which took our agenda to public. Now a days main stream media still shows something about us but in 2014, main stream media was totally against us & our campaign was mainly driven by social media. So I think our volunteers are backbone of our party and they take the Govt.’s good work to people of our country.
So, I would urge to our volunteers to have faith on your vote, support to our PM. All the promises which have been made will be delivered , some promises are due as they need new laws to be made wherein we have a challenge in Rajya Sabha. So with time as we gain majority in Rajya Sabha, all the promises will be fulfilled.

PN: Aam Aadmi Party blamed the EVMs for the poll debacle. What do you think went wrong for the AAP?

TPSB: Regarding EVM, EC had challenged everyone and Mr. Kejriwal failed at it, No one takes him seriously anymore so I won’t like to comment more on this. He did not fulfil a single poll promise, he did to Delhi; on the other hand, from morning to night, he only criticises Modi Ji on all the platforms.
On top of that he spent Delhi taxpayer’s thousand crore rupees on advertisements glorifying himself and his party. So people are bound to compare between the two man, one who from morning 5 am to 1 am in night is working for the public and other who was awarded 67/70 seats is only criticising the former in same time frame rather than doing any development work! This is the sole reason why Mr. Kejriwal is destroyed today.

PN: What is your view on Kapil Mishra’s allegations on Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ?

TPSB: Sh. Kapil Mishra filed his allegations in CBI and SIT. These are serious allegation because it was not made by BJP, for BJP or you can say by Opposition, but by a Minister of his Cabinet. It’s a big deal, he chose to quit the corrupts, had he chosen to stay he would have remained as minister but he sacrificed it and did not compromised . This has exposed the hypocrisy of Shri Kejriwal ji who used to say in case of any allegations of corruption one should resign while he himself never followed his own advice.

PN: How you see Mr. Kejriwal’s complete silence on all the allegations against him and his minister Sh. Satyendra Jain?

TPSB: It completely exposes the hypocrite character of Shri Kejriwal ji, who always used to blabber around anti-corruption stand and used to advise on being alleged one should clarify, one should face probe, one should resign from post! In this case your own cabinet minister has not only alleged but given proofs in public domain on TV and to agencies. Still Shri Kejriwal ji is completely silent thus showcasing his hypocrisy!

PN: Do you think, judgement on Office of profit case is getting delayed or is on right track ?

TPSB: I think EC is independent body we should wait, truth shall prevail.

PN:  Any message to our readers.

TPSB: I would request our people to have faith in your PM, Modi Govt. is tirelessly working on it’s promises. 3 years back, there was a atmosphere of negativity, daily a new scam was exposed from UPA regime. But in last 3 years one can not cite a single scam.
Even congress does not criticises us for any scam but they criticise us for not being able to make to number 1 position, they say China is number 1 in a certain field while Modi led India is second, so now the race is for number 1 and number 2 not for scams, it’s a paradigm shift in Indian economy.
Now people debate, if India will become superpower in 2020 or 2022! If due to an economic reform our GDP falls for a month than that % is also very minimal like ½ %. People should remember the kind of changes our armed forces are experiencing, should understand the long term effects of measures like demonetisation and crack down on Black money!

So please have faith and support your govt. We will definitely come true on all our promises and make India a superpower.

PN:  Thanks Mr. Bagga for your valuable time and talking with us. 

TPSB: Thanks! Its a pleasant interaction with you. Congratulations, on your media portal. Wish you all the success ahead.


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