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Annual Inter School Performing Arts Competition, Echoes Naad-Ninaad 2019, organised by DPS RK Puram

Over 50 schools with over 900 participants participated in the Annual Inter School Performing Arts Competition, Echoes Naad-Ninaad 2019, organized by Delhi Public School R K Puram recently.

The event celebrated the significance of culture and art through a myriad of music and dance performances, all of which were presented with fervent ardour. Different competitions were held – Nritya Abhinaya (Indian Dance), Sway (Western Dance), Swargdeep (Indian Instrumental), Dynamics (Western Band and Group Song) and Swartarang (Indian Group Song).

The Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal addressed the gathering at the Valedictory function saying performing arts are known to be popular all over the world because they transcend all language barriers. Although not everyone understands all languages, the passion for rhythm and beats is shared by all. She also mentioned that CBSE had made it mandatory for schools to have Performing Arts as an essential component of the curriculum. The Principal emphasized on the universality of the appreciation of music and dance, by recounting anecdotes from her past. She remembered an incident where she learnt dance along with the group of youngsters. She wondered where she found the courage to do so, and concluded that perhaps somewhere inside we all yearn to express ourselves through performing arts. She expressed her admiration for the children who take every opportunity to showcase their talents to the world and urged the students to believe that they have the power to make others happy.

“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains.” The Principal went on to honour the memory of Swargdeep, a student who had passed away nearly 4 years ago. The Annual Swargdeep Indian Instrumental competition is held in his memoriam. She also felicitated his parents.

The Vice Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan, thanked all the participating schools and the organisers of the various events. She expressed her pleasure in watching the zealous performances and felt incredible pride to be in attendance of such talented participants. She hoped that all children learnt to compete in a healthy way, to imbibe that each one is a winner, and encouraged them to learn from each other.

DPS Vasant Kunj was the overall winner of Echoes Naad-Ninaad 2019.


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