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Actor Zaid Darbar stepping stone to success in bollywood

Actor Zaid Darbar stepping stone to success in bollywood

A leader is a person who leads by creating more and more of a kind. They make every possible attempt for the growth of members who are associated with them and Zaid Darbar, is one such talent who did the same. He started along with being a professional Dancer and an Actor and soon proceeded towards to take over every opportunity which came along in his career as well as in the environment.

Just as we see Tik Tok having covered the world of Social media these days, Zaid was seen to take over the same just like any entrepreneur would find itself a place in the growth. He was highly appreciated with his followers and loved by all. “The appreciation and love, all that was enough for me to come up with my new idea of a company named, B you. Herein at B you, my idea got a final shape and it became India’s first content creating a studio. The company not just took over the domestic promotions but have reached out to people at large internationally too. By giving an idea of how I proceeded, sometimes it is hard to believe that an actor, a dancer, a social media influencer, an entrepreneur, all these titles would be added to my name and I will be making all my close ones so proud.”

For Zaid, his team matters a lot and he considers them to be like a part of his own-self which he wants to keep growing by every support he can provide. He wants to succeed but bringing together the success of every single person who has been and who already are associated with the company. On being asked as to why is it that in the world of selfishness he believes in caregiving, motivating and helping others, he says, “there is nothing to take away to our death bed. We are going to walk empty-handed. So why is it that I should lack behind in any way to support and to help people? As a child, I always thought what would I do as I grow up but apart from settling myself and getting the worldly titles there was nothing else in my mind. But today as I stand with what I achieved I want to share along the same with as much as I can. I want them to grow too as because the amount of satisfaction I can get seeing that one smile on their face is worth every moment of investment I made with my time in this world. I love what I do and will continue helping along the people to reach out to their dreams”.

Thoughtful is his nature and being helpful is his desire. None think as such after reaching that level of success but this man, well he seems to be out there to change the following trend.

Zaid has always been an influence since the start and apart from same, he is one great actor and an entertainer whose work has reached out to around 98.1k followers on Instagram. Even his Tik Tok ID is a showcase of what talent exactly is. He has been a star since the day he decided to walk up to this line. Words might feel hard to describe but his nature is one true speaking soul of what the world demands. His helping hand is always a deal for who reach out to him and his eyes, well they are always out there to look into what is ignored. He is a feeler and an influencer who is not just an actor whose truth can be seen in real life and not just in the reel life.


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