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Meet Anup, singer creating a new trend in music industry

Meet Anup, singer creating a new trend in music industry

“For all that you feel, is the power of music, a life which is indistinct and away from all the lies, all fakeness. A life which brought me closer to me and closer to a world which gives me an ultimate feel of completeness” Says Anup, a waking star in the dawn of music industry. For him, music was a way to express until he found that this power of music he possesses is a gift that is meant to be shared along with the world. With this feel in heart this soul combined with the powerful core of music filled heart, he worked on his talent and finally on 15-10-2019, released the first piece of his ultimate hard work, “Wakhra Style”.

Even before what he was about to present the world officially, his followers were like on high alert, following, keeping track and showing the craze that not all at the starting level of their careers receive. 9579 followers on Instagram, isn’t this an amazing start? Well, it is and it also denotes that it’s not that long when Anup and his talent are going to climb up the ladder of recognition and touch the sky which will be filled with the musical sound that comes straight from his heart.

Talking about his previous life and how he realised to take up the stand and introduce the world with his voice, Anup said,” it was not an easy decision. First I thought that this is something which is done by all. there are so many talents out there who are succeeding and who are fulfilling their dreams and among all those, I had no leg to stand on. I was motivated, demotivated, I was burnt with desire and sometimes killed by its fire but among all that I talked about, there was one thing which never changed, my voice. It was something which I trusted and could trust upon any time, no matter who stays with me or who leaves me alone. I am happy and thankful to the universe who has given me such great talent and when I was in a fight with myself, helped me get through my soulful ignorance and harshness. I made myself something which my thoughts never thought of and see here I make a start with my very first song, Wakhra Style”.

There are some, who even after they know what they want, couldn’t gain the courage to do it but then there are people like Anup who take a stand and work hard sometimes having a stand on one leg. This is what our world needs and this is what this young, fresh talent going to present us sooner enough because based upon what Anup’s family and friend say, “there is nothing which can stop him once he has made up his mind and for now, music is his world”. So, we can imagine, what a beat the world would see when he strikes through his voice in the world of art and talent.

Anup and his music have always stayed together but the take to introduce the same to the world just made a start, slow. Some of the connected artists and other members who are associated with his song recordings, etc, say that Anup has something to connect and when they hear his voice, well that’s just it. For them, Anup is that inspiration who pushes them to more than 100% saying-

“How far will you go if you can’t even get to the breaking point of your strength? Make sure that you know the answer before you start.”


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